How to Ground Yourself - So Both Your Feet are Planted Firmly on the Ground

How to Ground Yourself - So Both Your Feet are Planted Firmly on the Ground

This is a very simple and different way to ground yourself using a very quick meditation. It is great to use this technique whenever you feel like you are off balance and especially after you have been doing readings yourself or any type of energy work.

Use this little meditation at any time you feel ungrounded

1. Prepare Yourself

The first step in getting ready to ground yourself is to prepare yourself. So let's get started... * Make sure you turn off all electronics such as mobile phones, television, radio, laptops etc. * Find a comfortable place where you can be alone in the quite for at least 15-20 minutes. This is a wonderful meditation to do outside if possible where you can place your bare feet firmly into the earth, the beach or the grass to enhance your experience. * If you are indoors, sit upright in a very comfortable chair and plant your feel firmly on the floor. Do not cross your legs, and you need the energy flow to move through your body evenly. * Allow your arms to hang comfortably by your side or rest them in your lap with your palms facing upwards. Make sure your body is feeling comfortable.

2. Focus on your Breath

When you start to ground yourself it is important that you learn to focus on your breath. * Close your eyes to do this * As the saying goes, breathe in through your nose deeply and slowly. As you breathe in feel your stomach expand and as you exhale feel your stomach relax. * Keep focusing in this manner for a few minutes until you feel comfortable with this breathing pattern. * After a few minutes allow your body to completely relax. Notice how good and relaxed you feel as you allow tension to be released from all your muscles.

3. Visualisation

* Imagine a beautiful warm gold light radiating all around you from up above and allow it to come down through you via your crown chakra. Feel this gold light as it is warm and you are safe. * As you allow this warm gold light to come down through your body and flow through all your chakras as it opens each one of them. * Allow this light to come right down through to your root chakra as you become aware that your energy feels opened and balanced. * As the gold light continues to move through you right down to your feet you allow it to keep moving down into the earth below. As you imagine it moving into the core of the earth it finally anchors itself

4. Start grounding yourself

* Once you are anchored, imagine a beautiful gold waterfall right in the centre of the earth. The scenary is so magnificant you have never seen anything more beautiful in your life before. The trees are vibrant, the flowers are brilliant and there is gold water everywhere. * As you inhale deeply you imagine yourself sitting right in the centre of the earth. All of the sudden you realise that you have grounded yourself with so little effort. * You notice a big white garbage bag sitting near you. This is a bag where you can dump all your excess energy that you have accumulated of any feelings of anxiety, stress or even anger. You place all these feelings into the garbage bag where it will be tossed away and converted into love and light for the earth to use wisely. * Once you have done this you feel a beautiful white light all around you. You take as long as you like to flush this white light all around as you feel more and more grounded. * Feel this white light go back into your body as you are still anchored to the earth. * Once you enjoy this and feel ready to come back to reality wriggle your fingers and toes and open your eyes. Enjoy this little meditation and remember how easy it is to stay grounded in times of chaos. It only needs to take a few minutes and you can take this handy tip and apply it at anytime you feel unsettled. I would love to hear your results. Love Rosie xx