Salty Goodness - 5 Reasons why your home needs a Himalayan Salt Lamp


A Himalayan salt lamp, is literally a large piece of solid, heavy Himalayan salt. There is a hole in the centre at the bottom so that you can attach the bulb inside, which is done to both illuminate and heat the salt. Although it is a slow process the salt evaporates into the air due to the heat and creates many benefits for our surroundings because of this.  To add the health benefits, salt lamps are also a nice interior decoration and an ambient source of light.


Himalayan salt is millions of years old. According to research held in areas close to the Himalaya’s, such as Pakistan, more than 250 million years ago, huge portions of sea salt were covered with lava which later solidified. This action, combined with the numerous layers of ice deposited on the plate tectonics kept the process well-protected from the external factors and continue to do so today. It is also important to note that Himalayan Salt is said the purest form of salt in the world.


Most of the mining for this amazing stuff is conducted in Pakistan, but other salt mines can be found in places like Iran and Poland. Many Holistic Practitioners promote the use of salt lamps due to their predicted health benefits as well as their ability to be aesthetically soothing.

There are countless benefits noted regarding these lamps, but for this exercise I feel I have not only noted my top 5 but perhaps to most viable top 5 benefits, should you choose to buy one (or two or three).


It is widely believed that Salt Lamps:


  1. Cleanse the air: Salt Lamps are a hygroscopic substance. This means it absorbs water molecules from the air, along with any other compound they might contain. This includes dust, pollen, mould and even smoke particles. What the lamp does more precisely is absorb these molecules while releasing the clean water into the air through the evaporation that occurs as the bulb heats the salt. In saying this, it would be silly to assume that an object this small could purify the entire space, which is why people are advised to have more than one placed throughout the home in order to take full advantage of the benefits.
  2. Increases energy levels: positive ions can really impact our bodies energy wise, so it is no wonder that we feel rather exhausted after finishing work or activities that involve the use of a laptop, watching a TV show or sitting on our phones. Such electronic devices are responsible for releasing positive ions into the air, so due to this salt lamps are a welcome and beneficial addition to one’s home. Negative ions, which salt lamps emit, may help counteract the positive, leaving us feeling more energised than we were prior to having one of these beauties in our home.
  3. Aids in the relief asthma and even allergies: Salt, generally speaking, can absorb water, but what a salt lamp does is absorb it directly from the air where there is a multitude of dust particles. These particles are a huge culprit for numerous allergies. Even in the case of asthma and other respiratory conditions, a person in the presence of a salt lamp can have noticeable improvement within weeks. Due to this finding Himalayan Salt inhalers have also come into action on the shelves with positive feedback from consumers.
  4. Improves your sleep pattern: as mentioned above, the salt lamps are natural negative ion generators. This means that the air quality can dramatically improve with their assistance. It has been well-known to us for the longest time that an air rich in dust particles, and any form of toxicity, is associated with poor sleep. There are also those of us that cannot sleep well unless there is a source of light inside the room. But too much light can also have a negative impact on our sleep, so the dimmer that source, the better our sleep will be. For this additional reason, Himalayan salt lamps are great! Despite the of the range of shades and colours you can find, salt lamps emit a soft light that won’t interrupt your rest.
  5. Stress Reduction and relaxation: Salt Lamps emit a soft, soothing light for which reason you are likely to find one in your naturopath’s office or a therapist’s office. The colour and the way the salt illuminates, offers a sensation of warmth that makes us feel more at ease and relaxed. To add to this, Himalayan Salt is also used in what is called chromotherapy. This is a kind of therapy that involves the use of colours as a way to balance the body’s physical, emotional and spiritual facets. Salt Lamps add an ambiance to our homes and/or workplaces in a way that no other lamp or ornament can, and the other little slice of wonderful here is that no one salt lamp is the same….so you can be sure that the one you pick is literally one of a kind.


The Bottomline


There are not a whole lot of studies that back the magic of these amazing minerals, but in spite of this many of those who own one have stated that salt lamps do indeed live up to their reputation. This is also backed up by the views of many holistic practitioners as well.

Researchers may need to conduct new studies in the future, as to establish once and for all the true role of the Himalayan Salt Lamp but regardless, there are just some things about salt lamps that you cannot look past.  We are thankfully becoming a society that seems be more attracted to alternative medicine methods, and this is for very good and understandable reasons. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is a welcome member of these methods and we are excited to see what findings the future holds for its existence.


                    “Everything bought into existence has a purpose”


To purchase your very own salt lamp be sure to view the wide range embrace has online today. Alternatively, go and visit the lovely ladies in store to hand pick one that you can take home with you. Enjoy guys!

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