Smudge Pack

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Smudge Pack

When only the best will do!

Peace in your life… tick

Harmony in your home… finally

Love in your soul… about time

Negative energies… gone

Better grades at school… done

Well behaved kids… a miracle!

The neighbours from hell… moved to another State

 Embrace’s magical Smudge Kit will help you with all of the above plus more. Get rid of all the negative energies in your life once and for all and get yourself this pack now! We all need it!

 As an added bonus we will even cleanse it energetically, give it some moon shine, infuse it with extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion (aka the Embrace Crystal Cleanser) to make sure it is in tip top energetic shape before it gets into your hands   and we will pack it with loads of extra love!

Your pack will include:

- Smudge Feather: Embrace uses ethically sourced Turkey feathers that are perfect for getting the smoke from your sage and palo santo exactly where you need it to go.

- Large Californian Sage Stick: We ethically source the purest in Californian white sage. Based on centuries old Native American tradition sage is known for its cleansing and purity properties.

- Abolone Shell: Using a source straight from Mother Earth's ocean, Abalone shells are perfect for smudging so they can catch the hot cinders and are a gentle reminder of the power of the ocean.

- White Sage Cleansing Spray: Perfect for spraying when you can't use smoke. Pop into your handbag and give yourself a little spritz where ever you go. Its also convenient to give your home a quick spray if you are not in the ritual mood.

- 2 x Palo Santo Sticks: A powerful spiritual purification for house cleansing and used in conjunction with white sage creates a clean and energetic environment that is pure and cleansed.

- 3 x Selenite Wands: Another source of protection for your home, use these crystal wands to help in your cleansing ritual.

Smudge Pack