Nothing not to like about this glorious month. Indeed after the difficult July and August reality check you will back to your old self, but with much greater clarity. I’ll tell you why. The stunning Virgo New Moon features this kite pattern containing a stack of brilliantly placed planets: a dynamic conjunc-tion of the Sun, Mercury Moon, Mars, Venus, plus the charming asteroid Juno who may introduce you to an important new connection. Then there’s Saturn and Pluto with social recognition and the power to launch larger projects as well Uranus in much better form that in its’ been. Expect good surprises and the opportunity to advance.


Relationship breakthroughs are indicated this month with the Full Moon in your sign. It’s like you’re going to get a much clearer sense of where you leave off and the other begins. It all starts with the Libra New Moon bringing frank discussions that have an opportunity to repair old wounds. Though, you have to get behind a New Moon, and with Mercury soon to make its final retrograde run for the year, time is of the essence. Make a decision and drive it forward.


Game on


Health, health, health and work, work work; these are the themes for Taurus in October. You share the same ruler as the New Moon sign of Libra – Venus. This material girl can sell up a storm if she chooses to activate her gift, which is fully supported by a dazzling Uranus that will have you pulling rabbits out of a hats by the Aries Full Moon. You may feel a sense of urgency. That’s because Mercury will retrograde by months end and with it the energy to begin things, though great for fine tuning.


Act now


This month you’re going to begin to see your originality finally paying off. The Libra New Moon activates the house of unique expression, and with a stunning aspect to Uranus in Taurus, the practical vehicle has likely appeared.By the Aries Full Moon you will begin to realise what all the works been about. You might think that its always been there, but every little piece had to be in its right place along with the perfected skills, not just the vision. Work hard the next 10 days, for Mercury will retrograde on at the end of the month, which will put the brakes on new initiatives. 


Creative much



Our home base is important, and this is a great month for making a few improvements. The New Moon in Libra is perfect for beautifying your space. Uranus is making a dazzling aspect so a good buy or even a gift may support this process. Pluto and Saturn are making a challenge making me thin theres a big job ahead of you, but seen in a positive light it’s the impetus needed to drive your truth forward. Head down and get as much done as you can by mid month, when Mercury will begin to slow down in preparation for the years last retrograde on the 31st.


Be comfortable



It’s all in the way you communicate it. That’s the key to October for Leo. The Libra New Moon is activating your voice so use it wisely. Uranus is very supportive, but if that feels confusing you should have a better understanding of what that’s going to mean by the Aries Full Moon, mid month. If you need to action anything, get it done by mid month. After that Mercury will begin to slow down in preparation for its retrograde run at months end. 


Speak up


A honest days pay for an honest days work, that’s the Virgo motto this month. The Libra New Moon  is fighting up the income realm and with surprise surprise Uranus us well aspected it could be from some unusual sources. Any new initiatives need to be up and running  by the Aries Full Moon mid month, but if you do you will enjoy the perfecting process of the final Mercury retrograde for the year, starting end of the month.


Incoming funds


Raise a glass, Libra for its your month. Each sign gets one per year and its like New Year in that any resolution you want to make has a really good chance of being achieved. Uranus is signalling a more committed engagement while a challenged Pluto and Saturn are giving you the urgency you need to turn sticky situations around. Mercury retrogrades at months end around the Scorpio New Moon, so get everything in place by then and spend it focusing on the fine tune for a fine future.


Happy birthday


Dig in Scorpio, this can be a quiet but highly productive month if your chose to take advantage of it. The Libra Moon is counselling self protection. Don’t buy into silly things that don’t serve you. Ignore it. Innocence is a powerful strategy able to cut through the most difficult of situations. There’s a fair bit to do and some urgency as Mercury will retrograde by months end, so you’ll need to have your intention set.


Mind at rest


Embrace new worlds, that’s the message for Sag natives this month. Seriously, with the New Moon in Libra the art of persuasion has never been stronger. It’s like your wish is the universe’s command. But only until the 3rd week of October, after that be sure to baton down the hatches for Mercury will slow down in preparation for its final retrograde run where the new is tough to initiate an the Scorpio New Moon, at the end of the month., which may bring a few unexpected developments. Nothing to worry about as long as you’re prepared.


Stepping out


Career upgrade month for Capricorn. It’s time. You’ve been working hard – as usual – so totally deserve the opportunity before you. The Libra New Moon is giving you the social profile you need to negotiate with confidence. Stay focused until the 13th Aries Full moon and you will not be disappointed. Mercury retrograde and the Scorpio New Moon later in the month will change the game and not necessarily in way you would like, but see in the right light its an opportunity to get into a better situation.


Onwards and upwards



New directions are favoured by the Libra New Moon. Perfect to launch and/or market a venture, particularly if its one you believe in. A happy Uranus will bring fantastic communications and quite possibly the healing of any strained relationship, with Jupiter and Venus in fine form. We can’t always go back to where we were, but we can honour the time we had. Get behind the New Moon for Mercury will retrograde by months end, great for clearing your desk of long over-due paperwork. In other words, take care of business rather than start new things.



Get on it


There’s opportunity to increase income, Pisces. I’m not saying it will all happen this week, but the Libra New Moon may well show you the pathway. Uranus is well situated, bringing new connections and quite possibly dynamic repairs to existing ones. Saturn now direct and Pluto going direct on the 3rd  signal a little pressure, but that’s just what we need to get things moving. Get as much done as you can by the 13th Full Moon, as Mercury will start slowing down in preparation for its final retrograde run, at the end of the month.


Value for money