aries horoscope sign


New people, that’s what you need. No need to jettison the old but a step back might prove beneficial in the long run. The question for you is: How do I open new friendship doors? Think about it. You might already know.
taurus horoscope sign


Career matters might be proving a tad challenging, but seen in the right could be an opportunity. I mean, good to know if it’s not going to work, right? Exploration may yield a more rewarding way forward. Nothing not to like.
gemini horoscope sign


Feeling restless…bored? Try feeding your mind this month. Read a new book, follow an exciting line of thought. Your life is right here in front of you, and I’m thinking the good far outweighs the bad. Get in the game.
cancer horoscope sign


It’s all about the money honey. Stay tuned for a business or career move that changes the financial game. If you take your time building it up, refining it every step of the way, you will be amazed at the quality and the renumeration.
leo horoscope sign


Business opportunities may be few and far between but they’re usually worth the wait… I’m thinking you’ve been working on an exciting new model for some time; one last push might birth this thing.
virgo horoscope sign


That fine line in relationship, right? This is a month when you might find yourself on the wrong, then right, side again. Work on your communication (it’s not just what you say but how others perceive it). And if they’re not your people, less said the better.
libra horoscope sign


Work, work, work, that might be all you seem to be doing this month, but it’s all good of you’re getting somewhere. And if not, then it might be time to rethink your career. Whatever…take heart, change is on the horizon.
scorpio horoscope sign


By all means express yourself, Scorpio, but be careful you don’t shine too brightly. Well, not this month. Beware of the green-eyed monster. Keeping a low profile might also restore your energy, which maybe low as a result.
sagittarius horoscope sign


Home sweet home, that’s the theme for Sagittarius this month. Reorganise, move, renovate…whatever needs doing. It’s good moon for working on foundations of any kind. What is your base? What is the source of its power?
capricorn horoscope sign


Speak up Capricorn, though do it strategically. It’s like something may have to be cleared up before you can successfully move forward. It doesn’t have be a confrontation, but it does have to address the issues.
aquarius horoscope sign


It’s all about the new beginnings for Aquarius this month. Indeed, it’s like New Year and so perfect to make resolutions. But brace yourself, because it’s not all smooth sailing. Thing is, though, if you get that there’s no problem you cannot defeat.

pisces horoscope sign


You might want to sit this one out. Wait until your New Moon at the end of the month to step out with the new you. Meanwhile get your house in order. It’s a great time for diet and exercise changes and adding meditation or energy healing to your roster. Come on, you can do it.