Nothing not to like about this glorious month. Indeed after the difficult July and August reality check you will back to your old self, but with much greater clarity. I’ll tell you why. The stunning Virgo New Moon features this kite pattern containing a stack of brilliantly placed planets: a dynamic conjunc-tion of the Sun, Mercury Moon, Mars, Venus, plus the charming asteroid Juno who may introduce you to an important new connection. Then there’s Saturn and Pluto with social recognition and the power to launch larger projects as well Uranus in much better form that in its’ been. Expect good surprises and the opportunity to advance.


You may have found yourself digging deep the last few months, sometimes without much insight. This month is set to change al that with breakthroughs indicated in the first 10 days. It’s like you just unravelled a mystery that alluded you for a long long time. The Virgo New Moon is filled with this kind of research and analytical clarity and may indeed reset your course. The brilliant aspect to Uranus represents the (positive) surprise element while Saturn brings your own new found author-ity. Run with it my friend, it’s both a blessing and hard won.

Head high


Virgo is the virgin so there’s a purity and innocence that shines through, particularly in any dealings you may have around the family and the past. Innocence is often seen as naive, but when it’s true it shows a person that genuinely didn’t know. I say all this for the New Moon represents something of a fresh start and if you get behind it – New Moons have to be embraced – there is nothing you can’t turn around, at least to some significant degree. A well situated Uranus is offering you a fresh perspective that might ease your mind.

Dynamic reframe


You know that one standing dream you have, Gemini? Well, for the first time in a long time it just might be starting to take shape. And wow, I’m thinking it’s gong to show the years of practice and dedication, not to mention sacrifice, which is what Virgo is all about. Seriously, this New Moon says you have much you have to be proud of. I’m loving the dazzlingly situated Uranus for out of the blue breakthroughs that could be financial as well as creative; so too Saturn the ruler of the kind of institution support only the best of the best get. You might have suffered with folks not getting you. Forgive, but don’t ever forget. This one, this is for true believers only.

Take a bow


Fabulous people with shared values are goals is the theme for cancer this month. The Virgo New Moon suggests a fair amount of work may need to be completed to fully activate these connec-tions, so be dedicated and patient, but you should feel a measure of safety in the advance. Stun-ning aspect to Uranus brings breakthrough ideas and possibly brilliant new clients. Also, Saturn ruler of recognition and rewards, suggesting many of these new connections are VIPs. Not that

you’re a social climber by any means, but you do like a little glamour. We need to get behind New Moons or they won’t work so positive outlook and head down.

Looking forward


You need to rest my Leo friend. Really, take a load off this month. Do what you have to do, but no more. Meditate, heal, eat well, exercise, chill out. The New Moon is totally on board with this idea and there will be plenty of time next month to action the bigger things. In Virgo, it also brings mod-esty, thrift, gentleness, and purity to any difficult situation. In other words throw mercy on those things that cannot be changed for if you do you may be surprised to find you severely disrupt them by adding a fresh perspective.

Mind off


This month has your name on it Virgo. Seriously, the New Moon is in your sign and its the best damn moon of the year. Anything you want to start or give up…whatever, this is the time. The stunning connection to Saturn brings social/institutional support so a great time to negotiate profes-sional and personal projects. We only get one New Moon a year and it acts like the New Year in terms of resolutions and fresh starts. Things may not be all you hoped – throw mercy on the disap-pointments – but don’t loose site of what you have.

Right the wrongs


This is a truly abundant month my Libra chums. The New Moon in Virgo is lighting up your income so you could see a raise or increase, might even get a large one-off amount or bonus that could help you propel a project forward. Saturn is signalling strong social support while Uranus may bring a brilliant, quite unexpected, surprise. July’s eclipses and this months New and Full Moons were tough so try to bear without falling back on old ways that will only set you back and likely hurt. Re-main chill and move boldly forward.

Good things


Words can get us into trouble, they can be twisted to sound like something they’re not. But, here’s the thing, the right ones can also get us out of trouble. Indeed liberate truths long suppressed by biased dominant factions. This New Moon may set a new course allowing you to do just that and propel your life forward in brilliant ways. May take awhile – important things do – but the brilliant as-pects to Saturn will bring legitimacy and to Uranus, offering recognition from surprising places, suggest they will have the desired effect.

Hang tough


Home sweet home. How about it Sagittarius, what about embracing your home and or preparing to relocate. The Virgo New Moon is stunning for setting such a course and most importantly honour-ing you’re emotional needs enough to know it. The same with past stuff. Love yourself enough to move on from those things and people that don’t have your best interests at heart. The brilliant as-pects to Saturn is giving you the institutional and/or business support while Uranus is signalling surprise opportunities.

Seize the day


You lot don’t always honour your creative side enough. So busy working at all the important busi-ness of life stuff you forget how important the development of our voice is for our soul. This gor-geous Capricorn New Moon is here to remind you and perhaps clear your schedule enough to make it possible. Surprise Uranus may offer the creative idea and/or spark to begin. The real mes-sage here is if you have a craft, practice it and if you don’t have one learn one. A well situated Sat-urn may bring recognition of this, if not now, sometime down the track.

Express yourself


Meticulous attention to detail is not something that readily comes to mind when thinking of Aquar-ius. Not because they’re slack, because they spend 90% of their time in the big picture. This glori-ous Virgo New Moon is set to change all that. Potentially there is a terrific financial opportunity coming to you, if you want it. I’m not saying it’s your dream job, but the money will likely help you to do the special thing. A brilliantly situated Saturn suggests new groups with the right markets for what you’re selling and a full of surprises Uranus ready to make your day.



The last few months may have brought some home truths around relationship. There’s, but also our own behaviour. The New Moon in Virgo represents a fresh start in human interaction. I’m think-ing you’ve been trying to fit in with the wrong people; try and stick to the right ones. Virgo is nothing if not discerning, a quality you a starting to appreciate more and more. Of course to do that we have to love ourselves, so begin by strengthening the relationship with yourself. Uranus brings surprising clarity while Saturn offers friends in high places, and not just socially, but this who fly at a higher consciousness.