Hold on to you hat, everyone, it’s eclipse season. We have two sets per year, the last were in January. Thing about eclipses is that they change the game, literally. Things will end and others begin. Anything that has become chronic in your life will get lopped off, the rule of thumb. The New Moon Eclipse on the 2nd at 10 degrees Cancer, is the kick off, followed by the 24th Full Moon eclipse, at 24 degrees Capricorn.

Mercury retrograde in Leo and Cancer is the other spanner in the works. From the 7th to the 31st with things not back to normal until August 15, the changes may then take until then to unfold.

Your sign below will give you some indication of how it will play out.

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The two eclipses activate home and work with dramatic realisations indicated. The first New Moon brings new approaches to family and old friends, anything past related for that matter that is distorting the way you see yourself. You can’t go back to that story, and why should you. Mercury is retrograde thwarting any defence at present so patience is vital as you watch it unfold. The 16th Full Moon eclipse heralds a culmination of some kind. Saturn and Pluto bring responsibility into high relief. Something has to be completed before your go. It’s big, but not too far a stretch as you have the building blocks.

Head down


Communication is your ally, this month Taurus. Seriously, you’re very good at what you do and if you pitch it right you can transform your situation. Saturn and Pluto feature at both the New Moon eclipse and the Full Moon Eclipse, asking you to be wise with small minds you cannot change on the one hand, and recognise your capacity to influence on the other. Begin by looking at where your power actually lay, embody it, then you will move powerfully forward. A well aspected Uranus indicates unexpected advancement.

I am.


It’s all about the money honey, or so they say, but money is energy and some energy is better than others, right? The New Moon Cancer eclipse is asking you to get on a better income track. Saturn and Pluto align suggest stoking your power source with a side of hard work can make it happen. You might have lost your confidence, possibly the result of some bullying (Saturn and Pluto do love to push their weight around). Feels like you might have put too much store in the opinions of others. Forgive yourself Gemini and get up off the mat.

Game on.


This month is like New Years for you lot with this New Moon eclipse waking you up in a way you’ve never seen before. It’s like your will to succeed comes online and problems that seem insurmountable now will be dealt with skilfully and swiftly. You might even find your sense of humour returns. The 16th Capricorn Full Moon eclipse offers dynamic clarity in that you will likely be able to see your situation from multiple dimensions rather than a limited single view. A well situated Uranus may take the form of a bankable opportunity.

Nothing not to like.


Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad. Because, heres the thing, acceptance is the only real way to transform. The September 2nd New Moon eclipse is fully supportive and will bring the peace of mind, you so deserve. A focus on health is also supported. Indeed it’s a bloody brilliant time to swap damaging for healing foods, and before you start grumbling about the restrictions remember that discipline makes us happy. Pluto and Saturn will harness your will and give you structure while a happy Uranus has a good surprise that will allow a move sooner than you think.

Suit up.


Eclipses bring conclusions and with the New Moon eclipse situated in the house of friends and group values, the wherewithal to depart a long over situation is yours. Mercury is retrograde so the decision and way forward may appear before the actual exit. Whatever, seizing the opportunity is favoured for it may not come around again. The Full Moon eclipse brings a space much more suited to your program and with Saturn and Pluto harnessing power and clout, well my friend the future beckons.

Wheel of fortune.


Identity, yours. What is it. I mean who are you? Answer that and the way forward will readily appear. I mention this for the Sept 2 New Moon eclipse in Cancer impacts your career and with Saturn and Pluto brilliantly aspected solid opportunities are indicated. Though Mercury will retrograde so you might have to be happy with clarity and a decisive way forward. The Capricorn Full Moon eclipse is situated in your home and family base coupling with your new branding allowing a dynamic reset worthy of your courage, strength and kindness.

Standing up.


You lot make great writers, something about your X-ray vision, along with the capacity to bring the lie to the surface with communication finesse. The Cancer Sept 2nd eclipse activates the wordsmith and/or other such skills to action a project able to do exactly that – reveal truths. Saturn and Pluto are beaming institutional support that will give your project the clout and distribution it deserves. Wait for the Capricorn Full Moon for some kind of green light. Uranus is your ally, bringing a surprisingly sweet opportunity.

Talk about it.


Might be time to clean house. What’s it going to take Sag to clear your mind, body, soul, emotions and material situation? Seriously, how long has it been since you’ve had a good look and taken action? Just saying! Nothing short of a complete transformation is required to shift the chronic so where talking diet, budgets, mindfulness; and that’s just for starters. You probably think there’s no fun. But that’s not true. Start with 80/20 discipline then move to 90/10. That way you have treats to look forward to, but not enough to damage the detox.

Phoenix from the ashes.


Relationships are important Capricorn. Where are yours? I’m thinking you’ve been letting people bully you off the playing field. Like most things it’s nothing more than a bluff. You’ll need a winning strategy. Set and intention to build your power base. That’s achieved through your contribution to the world. We are what we do, so do things that secure brilliant and powerful connections. Uranus is sitting on the sidelines with a unique side step that might kick start this new and exciting you. I’m thinking the world will be sitting upright and paying full attention, some realising that they should have handled an extraordinary person like you differently.

Stake your claim.


Work and lifestyle are activated for Aquarians this month. The New Moon eclipse has oppositions to the authoritarian Saturn and Pluto; this is a serious wake up call. Something needs to change, but no need to panic for if you heed the intel you can overhaul your situation without any real damage done. Saturn and Pluto stay around for the Full Moon eclipse, asking you to switch on your mojo and move powerfully forward. Sweet aspect to Uranus says communication is your ally.

Speaking truth.


Words can bring us down, that’s for sure, but they can also raise us up. This is your challenge, to use your communication strengths to propel your life forward. The New Moon eclipse is asking you to look closely at your skills and originality and how they can be harnessed to open new, more supportive, worlds. The Full Moon in Capricorn can go either way, but a good fight is indicated. You’re in the right about something.

Stand your ground.