Psychic Tarot/ Intuitive Channelling/ Aura Drawing and Spiritual Artist

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Reiki is a powerful and loving energy that works to heal on all levels including the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Countless people have had profound experiences when giving and receiving Reiki. It is non invasive, not associated with any religion or belief system and can only ever provide positive results. 

Reiki can help with:

• grief

• heartache

• loss of direction

• physical ailments 

• anxiety and stress

• spiritual awakening 

• deep emotional releases

and so much more. 

Caz‘s experiences with Reiki began over 20 years ago. As a teenager she spent 6 weeks living on the mountain where the Reiki Symbols first appeared to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. Caz‘s first attunements were given to her by her own mother, who was herself a Reiki Master and gifted healer. Caz has since received more attunements to the Master Level and is currently under apprenticeship with her own Reiki Master to achieve Level 4 Master Teacher. Caz has also completed a Diploma in Energetic Healing from Nature Care College and is a qualified Meditation Instructor. She is a member of the Australian Reiki Connection and the International Institute of Complementary Therapies. 

A Reiki session with Caz could quite possibly change your life as the energy she channels to you could bring healing to you in ways you never thought possible. Due to her lifelong connection to the Animal Spirit Kingdom, that began when she started Shamanic Journeys as a child, Caz will receive messages from the Animal Spirits that can give you guidance and/or confirmation of what is needed to bring healing to your life.