Oracle Cards
Although you may think the use of Oracle Cards for divination is relatively new, it might surprise you to learnt that they have been in existence for over 200 years. It is believed that Oracle Cards began to develop out of Tarot. Oracle cards can be traced back to the 19th Century in France. It is believed that the famed fortune teller Madame Marie Lenormond was the first to create the Oracle Deck.
Oracle Cards can give you quick precise answers to your inner most questions. These answers are thought to be prophetic in nature and provide a glimpse into the future. You can use your own set of Oracle Cards for gathering insight into pressing questions you have in your life.

Tarot Cards
The most popular form of divination in the world today is the Tarot. It has drawn people into its magic for centuries , although they were originally created as a card game. Traced back to the 14th century, they were designed by European artists as playing cards. In the mid 1400’s Italian artists began painting cards that were commissioned for wealthy families in which they had their own set of cards. Only the wealthy could affort Tarot cards until the introduction of the printing press in which the cards were able to be mass produced.

When done properly the Tarot can be a huge source of guidance and help and are the most recognisable and popular method for psychic readings. The cards themselves do not have mystic power, but as an information organisation system , they aid you in gathering the information you need about your question and they will then offer a course of concrete action.

While Tarot cards were originally created for playing games, the Oracle Card was created as more of an inspiration and tool. Unlike Tarot Cards that have darker images of the “Hanged Man” and “Death”, Oracle cards typically stick with more positive images and many decks are based on angels or healing themes. There are 78 cards in Tarot decks, however, the number of cards in an Oracle Deck can vary from 44 cards to as high as 55 or more, since each card is unique.