7 Chakras Clearing Spray

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7 Chakras Clearing Spray

100% Aussie made, Embrace's Chakra Clearing Spray is a must have in your must have list of things to have! 

Our Chakra Clearing Sprays are the go to when you need to balance and align not just  your chakras but your whole body, mind and soul. You know that feeling when you are not planted firmly in your body and you are up there with the fairies and you really need to get your shit together? Well that's when a spray of special blend of oils will help get you back to Earth again.

Clean your energy field, balance and align your chakras and feeling like "you have got this" will help keep your vibration at an all time high and your space positively energised. 

All you need to do is give yourself a gentle mist and spray to alter the vibrations around you.and allow the aromatic fragrances to enhance physical and emotional well being. This spray contains Distilled water, white sage, patchouli, bergamot, tea tree, orange, palo santo & aniseed essential oils.
100% Australian made

7 Chakras Clearing spray