Abolone Shell

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We are like seashells upon the beach beautiful and unique each with a story of it’s own to tell”.

 Just one look at an Abalone Shell and you will not resist their iridescent colours when the light catches upon it. It is almost like you are holding a rainbow in your hand, except this time it is a rainbow from the depths of the ocean.

Abalone shells are used in smudging because they allow you clear away all the negativity by bringing in all the four elements of fire (the burning sage), air (the smoke), water (the abalone shell) and earth the sage itself) which then invites Mother Earth to become the focus of our ceremony. It is here, in this sacred space that has been created for her, is when transformations and manifestations have room to prosper and manifest.

The great thing about using an Abalone Shell in smudging is because they are not only practical but they catch the hot ashes that fall away from your smudging stick.

An Abalone Shell is also a really beautiful home décor piece. You can use it not only for your sage, incense and herbs but you can also use it as a little trinket bowl or a place to put dried flowers.  Abalone shell’s are a gorgeous way of having some of Mother Earth’s ocean in your home.

DID YOU KNOW: Abalone shells symbolise independence, solitude, self reliance and perserverance. This is because abalone shells have a hard ultra protective exoskeleton and they themselves are created from soft body invertebrates. Any reminders of a teenager you may know?

How to use:

  1. Using a match, light your Sage, Palo Santo or any other smudging stick.
  2. Rest the sticks or sage in the abalone shell, using it to collect any ashes as the sticks burn and therefore allowing the hot embers to remain in the abalone shell and not on your carpet or furniture or bed linen. Because abalone shells have holes in them make sure the hot ashes don’t fall through!
  3. Walk around a space with the sticks or sage, allowing the smoke to waft into the corners and ceilings of your space.
  4. The Abalone shell may get hot if it has had the  smudging sticks resting in it for a while, so just be extra careful when handling it.


Item Type: Sage Burner
Material: Abalone Shell
Size:  approx. 11-12cm 
Weight:approx. 100g
Package: 1 piece only

As an added bonus we will even cleanse it energetically, give it some moon shineinfuse it with extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion to make sure it is in tip top energetic shape before it gets into your hands and we will pack it with loads of extra love! We take loads of pride in everything we do, so when you buy from us you can be guaranteed the utmost attention and best quality products.


Abolone Shell
Abolone Shell

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