Amethyst Pendulum

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Amethyst pendulum



Which way do you swing? Oops… we mean your pendulum. Which way does your pendulum swing? 😊 

Need an answer to life’s toughest questions answered? Then Google is your go to place. But if you need some softer more gentle questions answered a pendulum will be right up your alley!

Does he love me? Does she not love me? Will it rain today? Where did I loose my grandmothers vintage ring that my mother will kill me over if she finds out I lost it? Is South Sydney Rabbitohs going to smash it in this season’s football finals?

You know, that sort of thing. They are a fun way to use for divination and to also help find lost objects and even to help with the healing process if you are feeling a bit off balance. Basically, pendulums are used as a form of reflection by asking questions to help you receive some guidance, awareness, understanding and spiritual insight.

On the serious side, you can use your pendulum to help with chakra balancing , healing and inner growth.

Check out our blog here to find out how to activate your pendulum and have it giving you the answers you are looking for!


Thank you for my lapis pendulum I received in the mail this morning. I haven’t been able to put it down and have been asking it questions all day. Not sure if dinner for the family will be getting cooked tonight 😊

Julie-Anne from Leppington

amethyst pendulum

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