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“When you visit a witch bring an offering: food, tobacco, alcohol, secrets, sex or death” Honest Lewis.


If you are needing a powerful place to express your gratitude then go no further than this beautiful sculptured copper bowl highlighted with brass accents.

 The Greek key art across the top and bottom rims make a perfect contrast to the triple moon in the centre of the bowl. Within the womb of the triple moon symbol rests a pentacle or pentagram as some like to call it, all representing the Goddess and the moon’s ever-changing cycles.

In witchcraft, the pentagram is an ancient magical symbol for protection, whilst the triple moon is associated with the cycles of life. The combination of these ancient and powerful symbols makes the perfect duo for those who are on a path to seek safety and stability as they move through the transitions of life.

You can use this wonderful copper bowl to make all your offerings. It is also perfect to hold herbs, crystals, stones, or hold the elements of earth or water for your blessings and altar. You can even try scrying with it or use to hold your incense or cones.

The copper triple moon bowl is a stunning decoration for any altar or sacred space and because copper is an extremely powerful metal it becomes even more energetically charged. Copper is one of the Seven Noble metals of alchemical traditions which makes it also an energy conductor, helping you to amplify your gratitude, blessings and manifestations.

The Triple Moon is a common symbol for the Triple Goddess’s three aspects – The vibrant and young Maiden, The nurturing and loving Mother and The wise and respectful Crone.

Copper and the triple moons are powerful symbols associated with:

  • Copper:
  • Health and Healing
  • Prosperity
  • Venus
  • Amplifying Energy
  • Triple Moons:
  • The Divine Feminine
  • The Cycles of Life
  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Fertility


  • 100% Copper
  •  7x10cm
  • 100% Solid copper bowl with sold brass symbols
  • Can be used as an altar bowl, incense burner, decoration bowl


Note: Use on a fireproof surface and do not leave burning incense unattended.