Crackled Quartz Generator Point 4

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You will receive the cracked quartz point that is shown in the actual picture. The quartz has a small amount of chloride in the bottom corner which brings some extra formations in the quartz. 

Our beautiful crackle quartz point generators are formed by heating the Istone quite rapidly until it can't take the heat anymore and then it is suddenly stopped and left to cool.

This is what creates those pretty crackle formations which contain rainbows, fairies and a touch of magic! 

For us at Embrace we see this as a metaphor into the human psyche. Sometimes we are pushed & shoved until we can't take the heat any more. We then start to see the little cracks appear in our lives and we feel hopeless, broken & let down. What we don't see however, is that these cracks give us our strength, confidence & beauty that eventually leads us to the rainbows in our life that have formed after it has stormed. 

Let these crackled quartz stones can remind you that we each have our own cross to bear but eventually we come out of our trials and tribulations a much better person because of it.