Crystal Kit - Sweet Dreams

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Keep these 3 keepsake crystals with you to give you a good night sleep and sweet dreams

Amethyst- Is the stone that gives you a deep relaxing sleep & gives you good dreams.

Rose Quartz - Helps to keep you relaxed and calm during your sleep.

Green Obsidian - Helps to protect you from all the monsters and things that go bump in the night.night.


Embrace is proud of its huge range of crystal kits. With so many different options available that all hold different meanings and purposes these kits are definitely Embrace's most popular selling item.  These crystal kits have so many uses and purposes which will benefit anyone from any tough time they may be going through. Search our full range now as a perfect gift for someone you love or just as a gift to yourself from yourself!


sweet dreams crystal kit with three keepsake crystals in it

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