Evil Eye 24K Gold Plated Copper Bracelet

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Our 24K Gold Plated Copper Evil Eye Bracelet features one of the most ancient and powerful symbols of protection against evil. Wear our Evil Eye Bracelet to ward off negative energies on your path to self-discovery.

Just because all the celebrities are on the evil eye bandwagon does mean you should to! Although a VERY ancient Middle Eastern tradition the evil eye has become one the most popular, stylish and trend-setting symbols in jewellery today.

The evil eye is the ultimate symbol of protection and just by wearing this gorgeous piece, it automatically will ward off any jealous eyes, misfortunes, bad luck that is being sent to you by your enemies, fre-enemies, ex’s, the girl you picked on back in the 3rd grade, your neighbours and competitors, and the mum you gave the bird to in the car pool at kindy this morning. Ooops!

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Wear the evil eye and all bad luck will be sent right back to where it came from, and stare back the eyes of harm.

Whether you are very superstitious, or just stylish, the blue eye will mirror back the evil eye sent your way and make you look pretty fashionable as well!

This evil eye bracelet is a perfect lucky charm to bring you good luck, protection and happy vibes! Better still…. Gift to someone you know who needs it!


Protect yourself today! You never know who has their eye on you!

Materials: 24k coated slider chain; Alloy charm

Length: Approx 18-24cm

Weight: 10g

Evil Eye size: 2cm


Evil Eye 24K Gold Plated Copper Bracelet
Evil Eye 24K Gold Plated Copper Bracelet
Evil Eye 24K Gold Plated Copper Bracelet