Frankincense/Dragons Blood

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Resins Frank/Dragons Blood 20g Packet


“Maybe she’s born with it…. Maybe its frankincense”


Known as one of the great 3 gifts given to baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men at His birth, frankincense is a very powerful and strong resin.

It is used to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness. It also helps to soothe the spirit and is used in powerful rituals to cleanse the space of any negativity.

You will find that frankincense is used in the Church in order to bless, heal and sanctify. It is traditional especially amongst the Greek Orthodox Churches, and amongst funerals in the Catholic faith.  It is also good to use when you are feeling anxious, and you need something to help deepen breathing reducing tension.

Mixed with Embrace's Dragon's Blood as an extremely intensifying resin. You can use it to act as a boost with other resins to make their magical potency much stronger.

Dragonsblood is used for cleansing, and is predominately used for lust and love magic. It's aroma is ethereal and smooth with a hint of fruit.
Together these two resins will take you to absolute high levels of spirituality, connectivity, protection and creation.


frankincense dragons blood

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