Guatemalan worry dolls – Green

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Guatemalan worry dolls – Green

There is a story that when the mayan people of Guatemala have worries, they tell them to the worry dolls and then put them under their pillow at night. by the morning the worry dolls have taken all the worries away.


Guatemalan worry dolls – Green


As every good legend goes there is an old Mayan story that talks about worries and stress.. The story reads  that if you cannot sleep because you are worried, anxious, totally stressed out or just too hyped up then all you need to do is express your concerns to your very own Worry Doll. You then place your worry doll under your pillow before going to sleep and it is believed that the doll will take on your worries for you, so you don't have to! By doing this you will have a wonderful night filled with a peaceful sleep, sweet dreams and deep snoring. (OK, we just added that last bit in ourselves because it sounded good:) )

In the morning when you wake and because your worry doll has taken on all your worries and concerns for you during the night you will feel happy, stress free and worry-less!

These dolls are hand made in Guatemala and they make not only beautiful gifts but are quite cute in the message they portray. Children especially love them as they can drift off into the night in a deep and peaceful sleep waking up so much more joyous, peaceful and content.
Guatemalan worry dolls – green