Large Rose Quartz Love Heart Dish

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"The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing"

♥ Unconditional love ♥ Self-love ♥ Mother love ♥ Caring ♥ Kindness ♥ Friendship ♥ Romantic love ♥ Platonic love ♥Attraction ♥Happy Home

A love heart is the ultimate symbol of love and you can't get any better than these immaculately hand-carved rose quartz dishes all the way from Madagascar, make the perfect addition to your home decor. 

Use them as offering bowls, smudge pots, trinket dishes,. They seriously make the best gifts too!!!



Needing some love in your life? Then Rose Quartz will be your friend. There is nothing better to attract love into your life than with the love stone itself!


Stunningly pretty, rose quartz will make your home or office glow with warmth and love. After all, rose quartz is the lurveeee  stone, and you will just fall in loads of looooove with these in your space.

Rose Quartz make a perfect addition to inject a bit of oh la la romance into your boudoir and they make a really perfect ally when you need to bring in some love magic into your life. You could say they are a natural aphrodisiac for the passion you need. You can put the Viagra away when you have rose quartz as your ally!

 They don’t call rose quartz the love love LOVE stone for nothing!  Love for yourself first and foremost, love for others, universal love, romantic love and love is love kind of love.  Rose quartz has a gentle and soft vibration and give out inner peace when there is so much outer chaos all around. Open your heart with rose quartz and enjoy the love.

Just a word of warning though… rose quartz has a reputation to help bring on fertility so you know what to do if a bubba is not on the cards just yet! 😊



About Rose Quartz: 


 Rose Quartz is the universal love stone.

It promotes unconditional love by restoring trust and harmony in relationships. Rose Quartz cleanses and opens the heart on all levels, encouraging love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace. It is calming and reassuring, and it aids in the comfort of those who are bereaved. Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against pollution, replacing it with loving vibrations. It promotes self-forgiveness and acceptance, instilling self-confidence and self-worth.

Rose Quartz encourages compassion, love, and 

nurturing, as well as the healing of heartbreak and disappointment. 


Its gentle light pink colour makes it the ideal stone for radiating empathy and displaying your big

 beautiful heart to the world.


Without a doubt Rose Quartz is the most popular metaphysical stones. It has a high energy because it is part of the quartz family, yet its vibration is also extremely calming and soothing. For this reason, it is nearly impossible to be in a bad mood when you are around Rose Quartz.


Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and you will understand why we are always smiling here at Embrace ☺


What you will receive:

You won’t receive the exact one in the pic as it would have taken us forever and a day to take photos of each and every one, BUT, we promise to intuitively and consciously choose the right one just for you. As an added bonus we will even cleanse it energetically, give it some moon shine, infuse it with extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion (aka the Embrace Crystal Cleanser) to make sure it is in tip top energetic shape before it gets into your hands.

All of Embrace’s stones and crystals are attuned with Reiki energy to enhance their natural healing properties.

No two rose quartz chunks are the same, as they are naturally formed individuals of real rose quartz, taken from mother nature, with love and thanks, so that means that each piece is unique and one of a kind. A bit like you and I. ☺


How to use Rose Quartz

♥Rose Quartz is said to help reduce stress and tension in our daily lives. Stress can be relieved by placing a couple of rose quarts on your brow. When kept at a bedside table, it can also aid in a restful night's sleep.

♥Hold it in your hand whilst saying your affirmations

♥Place a piece of Rose Quartz by your bedside

 table or in a room or home's relationship corner

 to attract new love, or to add trust and 

recommitment to existing relationships.

Wear it in jewellery

You can it to infuse moon water or oils

Meditate with it on your chest, close to you heart

Keep it under your pillow

Use it as an amazing piece of home décor where you will see it every day.


What is Rose Quartz good for:

Rose Quartz promotes a more youthful 


♥Helps boost self esteem


♥Rose Quartz reduces stress and brings peace by easing guilt and balancing emotions. 

♥During times of increased stress or crisis, use Rose Quartz to bring calm and harmony, by  keeping it by your side.


♥ The comforting and soothing energy of Rose Quartz can also help heal a broken heart, allowing release of pent-up emotions and grief.

♥Rose Quartz helps to strengthen and balance the

 physical heart and aids in circulation, as well as to remove impurities from 

the body.

♥It hastens recovery, lowers blood pressure,

 helps with chest and lung issues, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and relieves vertigo. 

♥Great for asthma sufferers and those with varicose veins.

♥It sooths sexual frustration and balances sex drive.

♥A good source of energy for those suffering

 from leukaemia. 

♥ While it's an important stone for heart chakra work, it may also be used to balance all of the chakras and to remove negative energy and replace it with love energy.


♥Rose Quartz has the ability to boost fertility and protect both the mother and the unborn foetus from miscarriage.


Chakras - Heart Chakra
Zodiac - Taurus, Libra
Planet - Venus
Element - Earth, Water
Vibration - Number 7
Typical colours - rose pink



To enhance the effects of Rose Quartz, use love inspiring affirmations.

“I love myself”

“I experience love wherever I go”

“I am beautiful and everybody loves me”



 How to cleanse and care for your Rose Quartz crystal:

 When crystals are mined and prepared for public 

sale, they are exposed to human energy fields in

 addition to earth energies. 

As the crystals progress through these stages,

 some of the energies with which they come into

 contact, both positive and negative, may be 


As a result, it is critical to clean your Rose Quartz once you have received it. It is also just as important to do this on a regular basis.

The frequency with which you cleanse your crystal will vary depending on how you use it and how 

frequently you interact with it. 

To be on the safe side, clean your crystals before and after using them in any healing activities. 

This will keep the crystal's integrity intact, 

allowing you’re your family and friends or your clients to benefit from it in the best possible way.

There are nearly as many methods for cleaning

 stones as there are crystals to clean, with 

different processes that are better suited to 

different stones. 

The below are some of Embrace’s favourite ways of cleansing Rose Quartz….


Bathing them in Water: 

♥Place crystals in a bowl of cold water.

You can bath rose quartz in cold water for up to

 three days if you soak it in cold water. 

♥Only leave it in the salt water overnight



*To cleanse the crystal with smoke, use a sage 

smudge or an incense stick. 

*Allow the smoke from the incense to billow and

 curl around the crystal. 

*Check that the smoke can touch each side or 

face of the crystal. 

*Here at Embrace we usually let the smoke billow around the crystals for at least 2-3 times before we have declared it cleansed.

*Your intuition will tell you how long to smudge 

the crystal for. 

*We prefer to use Nag Champa incense.

The Moon

*Position your crystals so that they are fully

 exposed to the energising rays of the moon. 

Even if the sky is cloudy or the moon cannot be

 seen, their rays will energise the stones as 

long as they are directly exposed to the natural 


*They are usually cleansed within 24 hours of

 being exposed. 

*The moon can be used to cleanse the crystals on a regular basis.

* We highly recommend not to place rose quartz in the sun for too long as it can cause it to fade, and won’t be that pretty pink colour you fell in love with. 


Where can Rose Quartz be found:

 Brazil, South Africa, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Mozambique, and Sri Lanka.



History of Rose Quartz:

Over the centuries, Rose Quartz has been a cornerstone in romantic rituals and ceremonies for lovers everywhere who were looking for true love. Because of this, it quickly became known as the the hopeless romantics stone.

Rose quartz beads dating back to 7000 BC have 

been discovered in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq). 

The Assyrians were known to make rose quartz jewellery around 800-600 BC. 

The Assyrians and Romans may have been the first to use this stone.

People believed in the magical powers of quartz f

rom the beginning of recorded history. 

Quartz crystals were powerful talismans in the ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations. 

Rose quartz was used as a seal by the Romans to 

signify ownership, and Egyptians believed the 

stone could prevent ageing.

Medical practitioners used quartz in their healing potions during the Middle Ages. Quartz amulets were used by early American cultures. It was known as the "love stone" because it was said to balance emotions and heal anger and disappointment.






Large Rose Quartz Love Heart Dish
Large Rose Quartz Love Heart Dish

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