Om Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Om Tibetan Singing Bowl

No, you don’t need to be chanting OM on a hilltop, eating mung beans, saying Namaste to everyone who passes you by whilst using your singing bowl to give you a hit of the vibes.

What if we were to tell you that you can create an environment that not only raises your vibrations but improves your home’s ambiance as well? Well…. What can we say, other than, we have you covered here at Embrace, with our range of hand-made, hand beaten Tibetan, quartz crystal, and chakra singing bowls!

Whilst in Covid lockdown, close your eyes and let your singing bowl take you to a magical journey far away, where you can relax, be free and be fully in tune with the world around you. This is a sure-fire way to get your neighbours to wonder what you are up to when the harmonies of the singing bowl creates a blanket of pure energetic love, resonating throughout the whole neighbourhood.

Use your singing bowl for rituals, space clearing, energy clearing, meditation, yoga, harmony, stress relief, to raise your vibration, stay emotionally balanced, deep relaxation, and alter your consciousness. The pure sonic waves that ring from these bowls will put you in a state of ultimate bliss.

Here at Embrace, we take pride in every single piece we offer. When you buy from us you know it has been made with the utmost attention to detail as well as infusing it with the power of a special reiki blessing, something we are sure you will love!



✔️ Item Type: Singing Bowl

✔️ Condition: New

✔️ Carved with Om symbol on inside of bowl

✔️ Weight : 0.5600

.✔️ Size: Size: 6cm x 12cm -  Small and lightweight enough to take with you when you travel!

 ✔️ Package Includes: 1x Singing Bowl, 1x Wooden Hammer


  • Please note that our pictures of the singing bowl products were taken in different light conditions. Computer screens have different settings that moderate colours and patterns independently, so please be aware that some inconsistencies may occur. As all of Embrace’s singing bowls are handmade, no two will be exactly alike. You will not receive the exact one photographed, but you will receive one just as beautiful!

Om Tibetan Singing Bowl
Om Tibetan Singing Bowl

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