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Pentacle Cast Iron Tripod Cauldron 20x19cm


"Double Double.... Toil and Trouble....Fire burn and Cauldron bubble..."

Yes we get it... there are some people in our lives that we wish we could turn into toads or some toads we wish we could turn into princes or princesses. All you need is an eye of newt and the toe of a frog, a bit of this and a bit of that, then stir it all in your cauldron till it bubbles and simmers and Abracadabra! 

Obviously, us Embrace girls have been binge-watching Sleeping Beauty mixed in with a few episodes of Charmed buy hey... no harm in trying. Right?

In the world of mere mortals, however, the best we can do is try our luck with a few herbs, incense, magick rituals, and a bit of this and that. These cast iron cauldrons not only are heavy and sturdy they are strong and resistant too. Rosie our store founder tells us that she has had her cauldron for over 20 years now. Perhaps that is how she met her prince Ross?

Cauldrons also make a great home decor piece and a perfect talking point when guests come to visit. Ideal for your sacred altar or sacred space they will last longer than your lifetime and bring you so much joy especially when you master the art of spellcasting!

The triple moon goddess symbol on this particular cauldron represents our phases of life as women... the maiden, the mother and the crone as well as the divine feminine.

 It reminds us of our power, our strength, our beauty, and our connection to mother earth. 

 This cauldron is an 11.4 cm high metal cauldron with a triple moon design and 3 legs with a lid. These cauldrons are made out of wrought iron.






I can't wait to start using my cauldron from you guys. So far, it sits proudly on my altar and I am just waiting for the next full moon to arrive! Toni from NSW