Pentacle with Triple Goddess Smudge Bowl

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Pentacle Smudge Bowl perfect for holding sage.

"We are the maiden, the mother, and the crone. Standing here together we shall never be alone". 

With the help of this eye-catching bowl, cleanse your sacred room, your home, and your mind.
Smudge wands are kept in a special holder in the centre of the cup, so you can perform your rituals without fear of the herbs burning your fingers. This space can also be used as a candle holder for your altar or to house a candle for all of your candle rituals. The bowl is perfect for holding your sage and catching any cinders during your cleansing rituals. The best part about it is that it has a specially molded internal holder that keeps your sage smudge stick upright 
The bowl is a beautiful midnight blue with a golden foil pentagram decal in the form of the triple goddess symbol atop the bottom, topped with the phases of the moon.
A lovely gift or addition to your home's decor.
12.5cm in diameter, 10.5cm in height


Burn safe my friends!


Dimensions (approx.): (D)12.5 x (H)10.5 cm

Note: Never leave burning sage unattended. Keep away from children and pets.

Sorry guys, the smudge is not included.


Product dimension approx: 125(L) x125(W) x105(H)m


Multilayered symbol combines a pentacle, triple goddess & tree of life

Specially moulded internal holder keeps sage smudge sticks upright for safe burning

Product dimension approx: 125(L) x125(W) x105(H)mm


Pentacle with Triple Goddess Smudge Bowl