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Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron


 “What happens around the cauldron stays around the cauldron”.

 Need something to burn your incense, hold your potions, store your herbs, and make your blends, somewhere to scry into, and simmering your sacred oils so you can manifest the spells of a lifetime? Then look no further coz here at Embrace we have you covered!

For all you witchy’s out there, our cast iron cauldrons are perfect for helping you turn your boyfriend into a frog (only kidding!... OK, really not kidding!)

These cauldrons are also great for taking to festivals and outdoor ceremonies, and working with the spirit element of fire on those cold nights before your boyfriend was turned into a frog.

For the crones amongst us who want to let their wild side run free (without the husband and kids of course!) then the cauldrons can be placed in your home décor or altar to remind you of the power you had all along.

All of our cauldrons are individually sand molded and unique from each other. They are made in a two-part casting process so expect some seams and rough edges on them.


Let’s get witchin’ and start connecting to your divine feminine, set your intentions, create spells and do some serious magick with your very own witches cauldron!


How to cleanse your cauldron…

You need to cleanse your cauldron before you start your magick and the best way to do it is with some sage or palo santo. Let the smoke of your smudge flow over the cauldron inside and out to get her all nice and energetic clean. You really want your cauldron to be all yours!

But don't stress us Embrace girls will give it a good cleanse for you too and infuse it with loads of extra good vibes!



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