Pink Aura quartz cluster

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Pink Aura Quartz Dyed Chunks 

*Sold as one and Intuitively picked for you*

Unicorn lovers look out!

*Uplifiting * Optimism *Happiness *Unwavering Love *Body Image *Pineal Gland *Heart Chakra *Menstruation *Teenage Girls *Hormones *Hope

 These beautiful, bright, shimmering, Pink Aura Quartz Points come with countless rainbows and extra sparkles to boot!

Little and big kids alike just love these babies!

 As an added bonus we will even cleanse it energetically with some Reiki healing, give it some moonshine, infuse it with extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion (aka the Embrace Crystal Cleanser) and we will pack it with loads of extra love.


How is Aura Quartz made:

Yes we know, Aura Quartz crystals are partly natural (the quartz bits) and partly man/woman/genderbineary made, (the dyed bits).

But seriously, who cares when they are just sooooooooo pretty!

Aura crystals are quartz that have been enhanced by modern alchemy through a heat-treating technique that electrostatically bonds pure silver and platinum to the surface, resulting in a magical opal-like iridescent layer. This intensifies the original elements while also emitting a distinct set of new energies. Let’s face it ladies, we have all been guilty of putting on some makeup here and there to enhance our already beautiful faces, so aura quartz is no different!

The reason aura quartz is an expensive stone is because many crystals break during this process, so it is rare to find one that has remained intact.


What is Aura Quartz used for:

With their extremely high vibration, aura crystals help to expand consciousness and heal the physical and spiritual bodies. It is a joy crystal that, like a rainbow, will bring hope and optimism and loads of happiness. Pink Aura Quartz connects us to other realms, allowing us to gain profound insights into the Universe.

Pink Aura exudes unwavering love. This pink crystal with a platinum coating is a powerful cosmic connector that will assist you in understanding your spiritual purpose. It is an excellent energy regulator, as well as a deflector of electromagnetic smog.

Pink Aura Quartz is an uplifting stone but not overwhelming, and its frequency that it produces helps to stimulate the pineal gland and the heart charka. This in turn transmutes any deep doubts, especially about your own self-worth.

Here at Embrace we find that pink aura quartz is an absolute favourite amongst our young goddess’s that come into store. This is especially so for those young ladies that have been through abusive relationships, or have felt deserted or rejected in love. Because of this, pink aura quartz helps connect the user to a powerful connection to universal love and allows the gift of self-love. As Whitney once sang “Learning to love yourself… it is the greatest love of all!”

We also find that pink aura quartz helps to ease those monthly visits from Aunty Flo in young teenage girls.

  Where are aura quartz crystals found:

These crystals are created in the USA, but India and China have begun experimenting in creating these specimens also.

 How to work with pink aura quartz:

  • Use Pink Aura Quartz to work with energy fields, enhancing your healing work or for anyone working with energy;
  • Use it when you need to work on a physical, emotional, cellular, multi-dimensional cellular memory, psychological and spiritual level.
  • Use to bring your body and chakras back into balance
  • To cleansethe aura with angel aura quartz, meditate holding the quartz in your non-dominant hand, which is your receiving hand. As you meditate, visualize the energy from the crystal flowing into your hand, into your body, and expanding out beyond you into your auric field.


How does Aura Crystal work:

This crystal operates on a vibrational level, attuning itself to the specific energy requirements of the person in need of healing or spiritual work. This is due to the fact that aura quartz begins as clear quartz, the master healing, programming, and manifesting stone. When you combine this with the fact that platinum is a very high vibrating metal, you have a quartz with a very high vibration.

Emotionally, this heart chakra pink beauty fills our entire body with love and bestows unconditional love on us. It enables us to become aware of and receive the higher realms' love energies. Pink aura quartz lifts our spirits, dispels anger, and brings us to a calm and peaceful state.

On a psychological and spiritual level, the energy of aura quartz strengthens our heart chakra and pineal gland, dispelling any self-doubt we may have. Because of its connection to the pineal gland, this mineral boosts our psychic abilities and intuition.

 Pink aura quartz contains divine energies that facilitate contact with the angelic realms and our spirit guides, aligning us with our spiritual purpose. It contains platinum, which improves our connection with our angels and spirit guides and carries the energy patterns of human existence.

Pink aura quartz can also be used to clear the aura and chakras. It aligns and purifies all of our chakras, allowing the Rainbow Light Body to be activated and integrated. Pink aura quartz helps to heal any holes in our aura, keeping it safe and protected from any of the nasty stuff.

On a spiritual level, it accomplishes more. This pink beauty cuts through cords, limiting belief systems, mental attitudes, unspoken psychic attacks, and astral parasites.

Pink aura quartz has physical benefits as well.

It balances our bodies, boosts our immune systems, and helps to soothe burns.

 How to cleanse your Pink Aura Quartz:

Smoke or sound cleansing are both safe options for these stones. They also love a moon bath too!

Let’s talk…Because these crystals and stones come from the earth please do not expect them to be perfect, and because you are not choosing directly from our mothership store in Westfield Miranda, Sydney, you don’t get a chance to be pickey and choosey. But don’t worry, we have you sorted. Our intuitive Embrace girls will tune into your energy to find you the exact stone you need. So in other words, you will not receive the exact crystal in the picture shown here but it will be close. You will receive one single tower The group photo here is just for illustration purposes only.

Pink Aura quartz cluster
Pink Aura quartz cluster
Pink Aura quartz cluster
Pink Aura quartz cluster