Rose Quartz Skull

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Hand carved rose quartz skull 34g

3cm height

3cm width

3.5cm length

Wanna hear something funny? Rosie who is Embrace’s founder really does not like our stunningly beautiful hand carved skulls. She says they are scary and cannot understand how they are one of our most popular selling hand carved crystals in store.

Lucky for you guys she also has us girlies to help with the buying otherwise “no skull for you”!

The ancient Aztecs used the symbolism of human skulls as a positive symbol which did not represent just death but it also portrayed rebirth as well. You will see skulls in heaps of ancient artwork and was considered a symbol of power, life, death and regeneration. You will also notice that a few of the deities were represented by skulls.

In Tibetan and Buddhist culture, skulls are used to symbolize the transitioning of one life to another. Instead of representing the sadness we all feel at loss they are characterized by the optimism of change.

All religions believe that death is not the final stage of a person’s life but instead it is a step towards a higher level of conscience and existence so we use skulls to represent and remind us of this.

All of Embrace’s skulls are hand carved by brilliant craftsmen (or women) and we make sure they are all energetically charged, activated, cleansed and tuned before we send them out to you so you can benefit from the powerful healing energies they embody.  


The real mumma bear of all the crystals is Rose Quartz. It is the epitomy of nurturing and the matriarch of the crystal world. The real love stone, love for yourself, love for others, love for romance (our favourite kind) and love for just love its gentle energies will help to soothe and energise your space and give you that real comfort and support you have been craving.


Thanks Embrace. I gave my hubby a rose quartz skull for Valentines Day and he fell in love with it. It probably wasn’t the most romantic of things to buy him but I knew it was something he would love. I appreciate all your help in choosing the right one for him.

Jenny J from Adelaide, Australia

Rose Quartz Skull
Rose Quartz Skull

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