Crystal Kits - Stress

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Keep these three keepsake crystals with you to help calm your nerves in stressful times.

Blue Lace Agate - has a soft energy and aids in bringing peace into the mind.

Smokey Quartz - Is perfect for keeping you grounded and helps to raise your vibration to a happier level.

Amethyst - Is known as the meditation stone, It calms the mind, body and spirit.


Embrace is proud of its huge range of crystal kits. With so many different options available that all hold different meanings and purposes these kits are definitely Embrace's most popular selling item.  These crystal kits have so many uses and purposes which will benefit anyone from any tough time they may be going through. Search our full range now as a perfect gift for someone you love or just as a gift to yourself from yourself!


stress crystal kits to help calm your nerves in stressful times with three keepsake crystals to keep

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