Strong Women Finish Rich by Edna Ferman

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In Strong Women Finish Rich, Edna Ferman, a Life Coach, examines what it means to be a strong woman and how to finish rich.(br)

She offers a simple plan to live life, in these challenging times, starting the year 2020, towards a new era of "A New World," a world of diverse changes.

In this deeply personal book, Edna explains and demonstrates, step-by-step, a clear and easy path in order to have a rich life.

The author provides a simple practical guide, tools and assorted interesting stories. In this guide, she empowers women to achieve their best possible version and finish rich.

Live your life as a rich woman, realizing your full potential and uncover the extraordinary qualities you have in YOU.

You will be able to create the image of the woman you wish to be and live your life as a STRONG WOMAN and FINISH RICH.

Although the book is directed mostly to women, the thoughts and ideas will benefit all readers, men included, whoever is looking to be rich and have a rich life.


Edna Ferman - Author, Speaker and a Transformational Life Coach for women. After a successful commercial business career, Edna established her coaching profession.

Edna was the presenter of numerous workshops and seminars for women, and is the author of "Goals4Success," and "Shine" E-books. In addition, to her coaching, Edna is a painter, her creativity is expressed in her coaching, writing and in her abstract paintings.

Strong Women Finish Rich by Edna Ferman