Psychic Readings Sydney

KarenRyan psychicKAREN RYAN (Monday and Friday)

Tarot/Psychic/Clairvoyant/Aura Readings

Karen has been doing tarot professionally for many years. She first started to be interested in tarot and psychic work from an early age as she became familiar with her very own mother’s deck of cards. Karen was amazed with how accurate they were and so began her spiritual journey.

Karen say’s that she finds them insightful and proves that there are forces on earth more powerful then we can see (energy). ”I love to be able to help others with the gift, and encourage others to follow their instincts”.

Karen’s psychic readings sydney, are done with an element of humour and compassion. Her accuracy
uncanny, and her love for her work devotional.

Iya-Ivania-psychic-spiritual-intuitiveIYA IVANA ( Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Night)

Psychic Spiritual Intuitive / Ifa Priestess / Destiny Lifepath Readings / Balance

Ivana powerfully connects you with your energy fields and with use of Spiritual Cards/tools, she points you in the right direction regarding your love life, relationships, work, spiritual path and personal growth.

Ivana’s compassionate messages are received and delivered with love and are straight to the point. The biggest gift she can give you is the freedom to believe in yourself and see clearly the life you wish to manifest for yourself.

Crystal healing and the use of Tunning Chimes bring about positive changes in the mind, body and your auric field by releasing energy blockages within the chakras leaving you with increased flow of energy while experiencing a deep state of tranquillity and peace.

kate-moss-psychic-medium-tarot-readerKATE MOSS  (Tuesday & Thursday)

Psychic Medium | Tarot and Lenormand card reader

Kate is a 3rd generation Psychic Medium who was raised in the Spiritual Church and spent most of her time with other psychics as a child. Her accuracy on predictions and proof of survival was noticed early in her childhood. She too can predict your future as well as pass on any messages from loved ones on the other side.
Kate reads Tarot and Lenormand cards. Her readings are extremely accurate, compassionate and offer solutions with positivity! Who needs any more negativity in this world? Enjoy a reading with Kate today.

MichelleRamosMICHELLE RAMOS ( Tuesday)

Psychic Medium / Tarot Reader/ Intuitive Counsellor / Channelled Readings / Lifepath Guidance

For over 10 years Michelle has been helping people find answers, and offer guidance and insight into their future.

Michelle, who arrived in Australia from Europe when she was just a teenager, found she had a strong instinct early on with the world around her. Throughout the years, and throughout experiencing much of life, she has learned to hone that instinct into an ability to ‘feel’ the world around her.

Michelle has a unique connection with our energies and as such can provide insightful and meaningful tarot card readings, healings, and also can connect to those loved ones that have gone before us if need be. If you would like her to help guide you to find the answers you need, contact us today.

CRAIG DAVEY (Wednesday and Friday)

Psychic Medium / Energy Healer

For over 15 years he has been working alongside his muggle life with those in need of love and assistance. Craig is now offering guided Psychic Medium Readings and Energy Healings in Victoria and NSW. He is the GO TO person when you are in need of guidance, healing and insights into your life and will certainly make a difference, as he discusses your past, present and future with you. Receiving and delivering messages from spirit to enhance and increase your personal healing session. Craig works closely with Angelic Realm and his sessions are supported with pure Crystal Healing Energies he works with on a daily basis. Craig and Anubis Creations are about working with spirit, talking to mother earth and the magnificent energies of this divine universe. He is a modern day Shaman and Wizard.

LeanneFewtrellLEANNE FEWTRELL ( Every Thursday)

Psychic Clairvoyant/Tarot & Fairy Cards/Life Strategist

Leanne is an experienced Psychic Clairvoyant. She is passionate about helping her clients find clarity, direction and peace in a range of situations regarding relationships, career, money, health and life. Tarot and fairy cards are her tools of choice although the majority of messages and guidance she receives is directly from spirit. Her readings are gentle and personal, she connects with her spirit guides and yours to give you a reading that is from a place of love and light with messages for healing and guidance. Leanne has been conducting readings for many years and meditate regularly to connect with her higher self, guides and angels. Her favourite words are Dream, Believe & Receive.

Ric-palmistry-palm-readerRIC (One thursday per month)


Over the years Ric has read the palms of thousands of people from all walks of life, including celebrities, politicians, circus performers, lawyers, barristers, journalists, secretaries, tradespeople, housewives, writers, artists, plus many more. He has conducted hundreds of workshops and is always fascinated by the power of palmistry and how it can change the lives of the people he meets. Ric has appeared on radio, television and in magazines and newspapers such as Vogue and Good Weekend. He has written hundreds of newspaper columns and is the author of two books, including his latest book, Change your Life with Palmistry & the Power of your Mind.AREN

LeanneDeaconLEANNE DEACON (Friday)

Tarot / Psychic / Clairvoyant

Leanne is a gentle soul whose readings bring love and harmony to all those who have the pleasure of spending time with this amazing reader. Leanne has been doing readings for as long as she can remember. She has devised a pattern of cycles that Leanne says we all go through in 7 year blocks. Leanne specialises in tarot and psychic predictions and her accuracy is uncanny.

RayneRAYNE (Every second weekend)

Psychic Consultant

Rayne has had visions & has channelled information since she was a child. Her earliest memories are of being able to sense Spirit and energies of other people and hiding behind her mother’s legs because she didn’t understand what this meant.

Using a combination of her natural abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance & Clairaudience, to bring through information, she has been reading for over 36 years working internationally in London, Paris, USA, Asia, Dubai and Australia. Whilst living in London she ran her own Psychic Health Column in an International magazine for 4 years and since returning to Australia, she has regularly worked on television as a Psychic Medium. She uses her intuitive healing gifts to read for her clients face to face, via email, on Skype or over the phone reading all over the world.

Already a professional Psychic Medium, Rayne has continued her study of mediumship under the mentorship of international medium & teacher Christine Morgan from the Arthur Findlay College in the UK for the last 2 years. She is also qualified holding diplomas in Kinesiology, Naturopathy, Psychic Counselling, Crystal Healing, Lithomancy (reading of crystals, wax & ink) & Tasseography. (Coffee & teacups)

In a typical session with Rayne she can connect with your inner guidance to bring through direction in love, work, finances, friendships or family troubles. She can help you overcome limiting beliefs, identify repeat negative patterns and programming that you may be experiencing and help you become empowered to move forward in your life, setting and achieving your goals. She can also work energetically with you to remove blocks by clearing and balancing your Chakras through Shamanic Intuitive Healing. And she may also relay messages to you from passed over loved ones.

In her role as a facilitator, Rayne teaches various workshops throughout the year on Intuitive Psychic Development and meditation. And through her background in musical entertainment and classical ballet, she offers training in Chakra Movement & Stretching, Music, Dance and Voice Production, using her home studio to assist in the production of meditation, hypnosis and music CD’s.

Rebs baigent shaw psychicREBS BAIGENT SHAW

Discover your Spirit Guides, Past Life connections, your soul essence and Life Purpose through an Aura Awareness Drawing and psychic reading with Rebs.
Rebs is an International spiritual Artist, Psychic Medium and Channel. Rebs’ Aura Awareness Drawings will not only provide you with a unique and individualised artwork but can open you awareness to the following:
– discover your Spirit Guides and Inspirers
– connect with loved ones who have passed over
– Inform you of past life connections
– provide insights into current life experiences
– direct you towards your life purpose

Rebs also can provide,through private bookings, paintings of Spirit Guides and Soul essence paintings.

Rebs also practises as a Reiki Master and Crystal Vibration therapists and facilitates workshops and classes in a variety of areas.

Rebs drawings are a unique artwork using energy, movement, colour and symbols with an in depth reading and interpretation. After the reading you will find the energy of the drawing will continue to work with you towards your higher purpose.
Born and trained in the UK it is with pleasure Embrace and the Sutherland Shire welcome Rebs to our family.

Angelina BianchiANGELINA BIANCHI   (Every second sunday)

Psychic Clairvoyant

With South American blood running through veins Angelina speaks both English and Spanish. She has been doing professional readings for over 16 years yet by birth is psychic and clairsentient and works very strongly in the Shamanic world.

As a reader Angelina helps to guide and heal your soul by increasing energy shifts as she helps to remove blockages within your body.

If you want a reading that will help you move forward in your life and help you to connect with your Spirit Guides then Angelina can deliver this to you in a safe and enjoyable way, making you feel empowered and more understanding to the world around you. Angelina works with your Guides and Archangels.

Angelina can also help to heal past life issues, past current life issues and present situations in order for you to find the inner peace you are looking for and therefore reaching your full potential.

JoseCurcioJosy Curcio (Once per month)

Josy was raised in Palazzolo Acreide, a beautiful Italian town in Sicily where people of all ages use holistic and herbal remedies on a daily basis as a form of prevention and cure. From a young age Josy knew she possessed a strong intuition and felt drawn towards this natural approach to life.

Josy is an International Intuitive Psychcic Reader and Teacher, her gifts are clairvoyant, clairaudience and clairsentience, she is also an Advanced Numerologist, Colour Therapist, Reiki and Seischim Master.

oracle-card-reading-Ceralyn-DarcyCHERALYN DARCEY

(once a month)
Flower Oracle Card Readings

Embrace is proud to have on board with us best selling author, artist and nature lover Cheralyn Darcey. Cheralyn shares flower and oracle card readings for guidance and healing to assist and support you on your path.

Seen on TV Cheralyn will leave you feeling very secure on the path you have chosen and with the wisdom of flowers will help you understand that there is more to life than what it seems.

Cheralyn Darcey is an Environmental Artist, Author and Botanical Explorer with a passion for researching and sharing the Language of Plants with a focus on Flowers . She is the author and illustrator of ‘Australian Wildflower Reading Cards’, ‘Flower Reading Cards’ and the ‘Florasphere’ range of colouring books which blend botanical drawings with their energetic attributes, all supplied here at Embrace.

Cheralyn has a lifelong passion for the study of the relationship between people and plants. It is through her explorations that she has carefully rekindled the ancient tradition of Flower and Plant Reading, (Floramancy) which she shares through her publications and workshops. As an environmental artist and teacher, she has had a 30 year commitment to sharing her passion for nature and it’s care through her exhibitions, workshops, articles and presentations with organisations and institutions such as the Australian Museum, Manly Environment Centre, Ocean Care Week, International Conference for Eco Ideas, Clean Up Australia Day, local schools, youth groups, community events and many other projects where she enjoys being a volunteer, artist in residence and facilitator.

Rebekah Fisher psychic reader

REBEKAH FISHER (One Saturday Per Month)

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium / Doula / Energetic Healer / Hypnotherapist

Naturally gifted and empathic from childhood, Rebekah was aware of Spirit, Energy and those that had passed over from an early age. Rebekah intuitively reads and has studied the Tarot since she was fourteen years old. Rebekah reads your energy with her psychic senses and feels and sees into the past, present or future. Rebekah is an energetic healer and can see and clear underlying patterns and blockages.

Rebekah is able to tune into children and family matters with compassion. You will gain a deeper insight into your relationships. Rebekah works with your guides and hers to bring you insight and positive resolution of any conflict into your current situation. Rebekah can clairvoyantly see flows and fluctuations related to finances and relationship. Her readings are comprehensive and direct.

peter hoare psychic readingsPETER HOARE ( One Sunday per Month )

Peter is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Claircogizant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Medium and an Energy Worker.

The sessions may include Tarot, Oracle Cards, Pendulum and Numerology alongside other gifts. Peter is a Reiki Master, A Transpersonal Counsellor, a Teacher and Facilitator of spiritual and personal development programs. A Hawaiian Energy and Body Worker and a Meditation Instructor. Peter also studied Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, TFT and many shamanic practices over the years.
Having a reading with Peter you will feel energetically empowered and uplifted knowing with security that your future can be changed by the power of your decisions. Peter will help you make those right decisions.

psychic medium rose kennedyROSE KENNEDY (One weekend per month)

Psychic Medium Healer

Rose Kennedy is one of the most beautiful and talented women you will ever meet with a soft heart and a compassion for everyone she comes across. She is a psychic and intuitive councellor who channels information from her Higher Self. Rose’s affinity with the Pleaidians and the lost city of Atlantis has given her much respect amongst her peers. Rose is an accurate clairvoyant who has an uncanny knowing of things that just can’t possibly be explained. She also uses tuning forks in order to help you achieve balance in your body and can tune in to help you with any health, relationship or financial issues you may be experiencing. Make sure you at least come and say “hi” to Rose for an intimate chat that will leave you inspired and a little more enlightened.

HelenHELEN ( Every Second Sunday)

Tarot/Numerology/Clairvoyant/Spiritual Counsellor

Helen has been working in the industry of spirituality and human consciencness for over
30 years. She has vast experience in both spiritual and life matters and this makes her a
beautiful life coach and spiritual counsellor. Helen’s no nonsence approach and straight
forward honesty puts her in a league of her own.



Spiritual Medium

Celebrity Psychic Harry T is an acclaimed professional member of the International Psychics Association and is recognized as one of Australia’s Top Psychics.

His expertise as a Spiritual-Medium has received great praise among the world’s most renowned psychics; including winners of international versions of the Psychic Challenge TV format and several finalists from Australia’s hit TV series “The One”.

Harry is a respected teacher of metaphysics and is a regular guest on TV and radio. Recently he was featured on award-winning Reality TV Show “Come Dine With Me” in which he was voted ‘Fan Favourite’ by the Australian Public.

Harry has been voted Pyschic Ambassador 2014 and is the first Australian to present at Lillydale, New York, the oldest spiritual community in the world.

LucyCavendishLUCY CAVENDISH (One Sunday Per Month)

Oracle / Tarot / Psychic

Lucy lives in Sydney, Australia. She works magic every day of her life, embracing it as a creed for personal fulfilment and happiness, and as a belief system that sees us as part of nature, and thus gives us all the motivation to respect and revere and delight in our unique experience here on Planet Earth.

Lucy regularly gives workshops, holds retreats and speaks on her loves; the tarot, divination, magick, witchcraft, and priestess traditions of Avalon, much of which became the bedrock for her book White Magic: An Inspiring Guide to an Enchanted Life.

Since 2007 she has created three meditational CDs: As Above, So Below, Return to Avalon and The Seven Gifts of Faery. The Lost Lands, a Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon has become a spiritual best-seller, as has the Oracle of the Dragonfae, the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle, and the Oracle of Shadows and Light. Her new book, The Book of Faery Magic, has been written with her friend and collaborator, Serene Conneeley and was released in June 2010.


Scott Alexander King an author, mystic, psychic medium, public speaker, teacher and practitioner of Earth Medicine. In his latest book Earth Mother Dreaming, Scott has compiled a comprehensive, hands on workbook, detailing ways to reconnect to the power of Nature and to re-energise, reflect and gain a greater understanding of the meaning of our lives and our connection to natural world.

Scott’s unique ability to communicate with the animal spirit realm and the energies of the Earth began when he was just eight years old. As a child, Scott realised he could see animal spirits (not ‘dead’ pets, but the inherent power of animals that walk with us: the power that was once incorporated into tribal lore and labelled as ‘totem’ energy). Although Australian by birth, Scott looks to the animals from a global perspective: his knowledge is not limited to only the teachings of the Indigenous culture or Australian geography. He seems to have an inherent understanding of all animals – no matter which continent they inhabit. As a child, Scott relied heavily on his ‘feelings’ when it came to meeting new people. This energy warned him of deceit, rewarded him with promise and allowed him to successfully navigate his way through a very confusing childhood. As he grew this ‘energy’ took form until he began to recognise it as being ‘animal-like’ in vibration – energy that he felt a natural bond with, energy that has never let him down. With years of study and practice, Scott has refined his abilities and is today Australia’s foremost Animal Spirit Mystic, nature-inspired Psychic Medium and Earth Medicine teacher.


Amanda bio: It is with much pleasure and excitement that Embrace announces the darling of our psychic world Amanda Roussety who will be reading with us this coming Sunday 18 June. Amanda needs absolutely no introduction as she delivers extremely honest and down to earth readings. Voted as NSW Psychic of the Year in 2013, and seen on Channel 7’s hit TV series “The One” as well as a regular guest on PsychicTV and many, many other media appearances. Amanda is one of Australia’s leading spiritual development teachers as well as a sort after mentor and intuitive consultant. Her readings are nothing short of impressive and she is one of our favourite’s amongst us Embrace girls. We couldn’t re-open our brand new Embrace store without it happening without a hit and we know that is what Amanda will bring to you this Sunday! Book in now as she will book out quickly on 02 95310009. Do yourself a favour as you have waited so patiently for us to re-open and see for yourself why Amanda is such a popular psychic! x

clairvoyant-rayleen-kableRAYLEEN KABLE

Medium Psychic Channel

Rayleen is a well known clairvoyant who is seen regularly on Psychic TV and heard on KIIS FM along with her own TV series “Haunting Australia”.
A brilliant psychic Rayleen as a way of bringing you closer to your dreams by finding out where you are stuck and how you can move forward. She can connect you to your loved ones in Spirit to give you the information they want you to know, whilst making you feel safe and comfortable as she communicates this information to you.
A master of the Mythic Tarot, Rayleen can delve into your past, present and future with uncanny accuracy and leave you feeling a sense of purpose in this life.




Spirit Guide Drawings / Pyschic Readings

Healing (30 mins): Kyobe provides a “no hands on” energy healing, that balances chakras, clears negativity, works in aura layers to remove blockages and obstructions, assists in general wellbeing and transposing physical pain. Helps to remove past life difficulties of varying natures. Encourages restoration of equilibrium from trauma and heartache.

Readings (30 mins): Kyobe’s readings are inspirational, spiritual, intuitive readings using cards with Kyobe’s artwork and their energy. Kyobe brings forth Psychic and Spirit Guide information to promote positive direction and guidance to benefit you on your spiritual path. Kyobe’s readings give aid in decision making, confirmation, and insight into information being received, and support with dream interpretation.

Spirit Guide Drawings (60 mins): Kyobe will draw an image of your Spirit Guide or Angel and bring through a message from them and information that she receives about your guide.

denise rowntree picDenise Rowntree

Aura Photographer

Denise loves taking aura photos of people, children and pets. The colours and shapes in the photos shows people their special qualities and future developments, sometimes particular shapes appear that are unique to that particular person, such as angels, feathers, hands and guides.

Denise has worked as a masseuse since 1986, incorporating remedial massage with aromatherapy oils, Bowen technique, aura cleansing, pranic healing, Reiki and chakra balancing with crystals. She has been taking Aura photographs since February 1994 and in that time has seen many examples of spiritual energy in the photographs.

With over 20 years experience and using state of the art equipment to find out what is really going on in your energy field, following a session with Aura Photography by Denise, you will have your own photo to hang on your wall, a detailed reading.


Psychic Medium

Recently relocated from the Byron bay area with over 20 years professional experience. Amber is a high priestess and was born with her gift of being able to see past and future events. She can read and connect to the energy around people, animals, nature and spirit guides.

Amber has been specializing in reading and balancing chakras for the last five years. Amber is here to help welcome in the new star seeds emerging into there own awareness. Her readings are extremely accurate and helpful.

Amber also has the ability to offer guidance with other mediums such as crystals and tarot cards.

robyn-slattery-holle-psychic-mediumROBYN SLATTERY-HOLLE

Psychic Medium

As a certified psychic medium, Robyn will help you bring connection to your loved ones in Spirit and help guide you along your path. Sometimes we already know the answers and Robyn can assist you in making clearer and more precise decisions.

With many years of training and development, Robyn has already gained a reputation amongst her peers as a gently soul whose caring nature will make you feel nurtured and cherished throughout your reading with her.