ABOUT EMBRACE - Love, Life & Each Other

Nourishing your soul with our magic, Embrace is the leader in quality new age, spiritual and inspirational products. Situated in the busy shopping centre of Westfield Miranda, Embrace is host to some of the best and elite psychics our industry has to offer. Embrace proudly boasts its feature in prominent TV shows such as channel 7’s “The One”, Foxtel’s “Come Dine with Me” and is a favourite amongst “Psychic TV” who constantly give us a free mention and a shout out almost on a weekly basis.

Think of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and that is what comes to mind when you walk into the magical doors of Embrace. We are striving to make this world a better place through quality products that help to enhance, uplift and cherish our souls. We are “embracing” everybody’s cultures, religions, faiths and differences and aiming to bring the world all together as ONE!

Our store also boasts ones of the most spectacular range of crystals in sydney, including crystal carving, geodes, hearts, natural and polished crystals and more.