10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening and how to embrace them into your life

I truly believe that one of the most magical things in life will be your spiritual awakening. I thought it would be nice to write this article for all of you out there who have no idea what is going on but they know some changes are happening. Relax, grab a cuppa and enjoy the blog.

What causes a Spiritual Awakening in the first place?

There can truly be so many different reasons why people "wake up" and there is definitely not a one size fits all answer. Some of these may familiar to you, others not so. Nevertheless, keep an open mind and enjoy the process as it is meant to unfold for you. * Near Death Experiences or Accidents: There have been so many accounts over the years of people being in accidents and having dear death experiences which then cause them to come back to Earth totally different from the human they were before the accident. A lot of the time it is common to hear that they start to have psychic experiences including seeing and hearing Spirit. I know quite a few people and feel lucky enough to hear their NDE however, the more famous of them are people like John Holland and Maureen Hancock. Look them up and enjoy their stories. They would't be changing so many people's lives for the better if they did not live to tell the story. * The Death of Loved One - Sometimes it just takes the death of someone close to us to make us decide that it is time to make some serious changes in our lives. So many times people tend to turn to spirituality to give them comfort in times of grief. This connection to spirituality whether it be religion, a God of some form or even just a something that brings them closer to Source cam then help heal them on a soul level. The birth of a child - I remember the birth of my twins ten years ago to be exact so clearly. Holding two precious souls for the first time in my arms all of the sudden I questioned things I never thought about before. My mortality and living forever for the sake of my children came to the forefront of my mind. Who would look after my children if something were to ever happen to me? My intuition naturally heightened and so it does for all mums. We tune into our babies needs and wants and wake up exactly before our babies start to cry. Why do you think it is called "mother's intuition"? We even hear them crying when they are not or just "know" when we are needed. Healing - Something it takes a simple healing session with a trained practitioner to bring about a spiritual awakening. Reiki, hypnosis, or just an energetic healing session. When conducted with a good and ethical healer these sessions can help raise your vibrations to get the energy flowing and help cause a shift in your awareness.

10 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

1. Tingling Sensations or Pressure Tingling sensations in the "third eye" is always a common phenomenon and is felt between the eyebrows, at the crowd of the head or even through your upper chakras. The reason this happens is because you are picking up energetic signals and because your chakras are starting to open up. These sensations always feel heightened and strongest in the beginning stages or your Awakening. 2. Connection with Spirit Have you felt that you are starting to feel a stronger connection with the Spirit world? You may be finding it easier to sense Spirit around you, your Spirit Guides, the Angels, and even your loved ones in Heaven. You may even start to feel the presence of other people's loved one's around you. Mediumship seems to become a natural progression for someone after following a Spiritual/Psychic Awakening. 3. Desire to be away from negativity I know for myself, I cannot bare to be around any form of negativity. For me this comes in the form of gossip, darker lower vibration people, the news, sad events and so on. You may find that you are picking up on the emotions of other people and not all of the time they are positive ones. This is called being empathic or being an empath. Because you are so sensitive this can drain you and make you feel extra tired especially when you are around drama or negativity. Just do what I do to make your life easier - honour your feelings and just stay right away from drama and negativity. Life will be so much better and you will thank yourself for it. I promise.
Eat Healthy foods to enhance your Spirituality Eat Healthy foods to enhance your Spirituality
3. A need to eat healthy foods Have you felt that junk food and food laced with lots of sugar just isn't doing it for you anymore? You prefer a salad rather than potato chips or a vegetarian meal rather than a steak? Want to know why this is happening, then read on. When you are doing intuitive work, working with the Light and vibrating at a higher frequency you are instinctively reaching out for "higher vibrational" foods such as fruit, vegetables, vegetarian and organic meals. These foods help you so that you don't feel weighed down and help keep your vibration light. A lot of "real" psychics I know have a diet that it totally vegan and some don't even eat before they do readings. 5. A strong desire to learn more things Spiritual It happens to everybody including myself where once we have tapped into our Spirituality we have a strong intense desire to learn more and more. As we open up more it is almost like we are shredding our old skin and "remembering" who we really are - Infinite Love and Light. Because of this it is common to want to read more and learn as much as possible. I see this every day at Embrace and I have noticed that what we did when we opened the shop six years ago has become so much more mainstream now. If it wasn't for the insatiable thirst for knowledge from more and more people awakening Embrace wouldn't be where it is today.
Improved-sleep-and-dreams Notice that you are having more dreams and remembering them
6. Vivid and Frequent Dreams Another common sign of a Spiritual Awakening comes to us through our dreams. Are you finding that you are dreaming more and remembering more and more of your dreams? There are two main reasons for this: * Firstly, it makes sense that when you are sleeping there is no resistance. Your mind is not getting in the way of any messages you are receiving intuitively. During the day you might have a hunch about something but you are finding you are not trusting your gut feelings and you put it down to logical thinking. In your sleep state however, the resistance is not there so messages are able to come to you much clearly and easily. By all means, this does not mean that you are having precognitive dreams, so you don't have to worry about that. Sometimes, these dreams are so real and yet you find that you cannot put them in words to describe them back to somebody else. * It also becomes so much easier to be more aware of other levels of consciousness as you open up more and more and therefore it makes sense that this can happen in your dream state. I always find it helpful to keep a dream journal by your bed. 7. Heightened sensitivity of your physical senses You may start feeling that all of the sudden your hearing is heightened or that you are seeing twinkles of light or something out of the corner of your eye. This is a good sign and a time to say "congratulations" as you are now starting to work with the psychic "clairs". (We have spoken about this in another post and you might want to go back to it to refresh your memory). This heightened sense of your senses is a normal part of the awakening process and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 8. Intuitive "Hits" All of the sudden your "gut" feelings are becoming right, you are receiving messages from your third eye and the your feelings are becoming more and more heightened. You shouldn't find this frightening at all and I can understand however if you do. If this is the case then follow these simple steps: * Set your intention that you will not receive any messages or visions that may scare or upset you. I remember I had a clear premonition through a dream two days before 9/11. I saw everything as it unfolded and after I heard about it all on the news I asked and prayed so that I would never ever see anything like that again. To this day, I haven't. * Keep practicing using intitive guidance though your Spirit Guides and Angels. When you know that messages you are receiving are Light based then you know that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I have learnt to "turn off" my psychic ability just as much as I have learnt to "turn it on". In time, you too will be able to do the same. 9. Headaches This is my most common ailment that I suffer all the time from. Headaches are just the worst and even though medication tends to dumb down your Spiritual Awakening there are times when you just have to reach into the medicine cabinet otherwise you can't get through the rest of your day. Headaches are caused by an influx of energy coming through. They say that soaking your feet in warm water helps with headaches as it will help bring the energy down to your feet and away from your head. As I am so time poor I still have not done this myself. Give it a try yourself and make sure you report back to me your outcome. Epsom salts are always good and so are essential oils. Always, always, always however, check with your medical doctor first before trying anything alternative or new. That is a given and obviously the most sensible thing to do first. 10. Losing Friends Just as you may lose friends as you Spiritually Awaken you will also gain new ones too. It is not your old friends that have changed it is you! As you outgrow them remember that they too are human just not having the same experiences as you so be patient with them. They too will eventually catch up as time is running so fast that they will be left with no choice. In the meantime, enjoy your new friends as the Universe will keep putting more and more of them on your path. Remember to trust in the process and enjoy every minute of it.

A note from Rosie: Release your Fear

Fear will always be your biggest blockage from holding you back from your Spiritual Awakening and heightening your psychic abilities. I know this as I too have fallen victim to the fear monster. And remember what we give our attention to only grows. So here are a few handy hints that I have learned along my path: * Always remember the shifts that you are feeling are OK and very very normal. I would be more concerned if these things are not happening to you because it would mean that you are not spiritually evolving. * Intuition is an extremely natural thing. Even the likes of Albert Einstein talked about intuition a lot in his days and his research is filled with it and how important it is to us. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking; We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.” – Albert Einstein * You are not the only one going through a Spiritual Awakening. It only takes googling the words and you will millions of others are going through the same thing. The world is finally wakening up! * There is nothing to fear at all except fear itself. This is not spooky but a very natural progression. Stop watching scary movies because that is the only place where spooky and weird stuff happens. Enjoy the journey, it only gets better! Love Rosie xx

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