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We at Embrace are a family! Embrace would not be Embrace if the people behind it were not as important as Embrace itself.

We not only work together but we also eat together, play together, cry and laugh together. We all share the same core values which has built Embrace to the level of excellency we have so proudly achieved. Embrace would not be the supportive place it is today if the people behind it were not as close-knit and connected. We are united in our passion for Embrace as a family of sisters (and brothers) who love, honour and respect one another and all those we serve.

Love for each other, love for our products and a passion for what we do reflects through the eyes of all our team members. We celebrate each other’s strengths and we respect each other’s differences. Meet the team… this is our Embrace Family, and this is our spiritual family, our sisters and brothers, our friends and our work mates.We are a family, we are sisters, we are united and we are Embrace!


Embrace’s big sister, Lara has been part of the furniture since the very beginning. With her mother Ruth being one of Rosie’s best and dearest friends Lara had no trouble fitting into the family.

Lara is our other manager in the store. Our computer guru who handles all our techy boring stuff from online right through to social media and social media stuff. From Facebook to Instagram to adding new products into our system, photography, staff training, customer service and stock purchasing, Lara has been Embrace’s backbone.

She can sometimes be seen in our store window adding her creative hand in merchandising and adds sprinkles of smiles where ever she goes. Lara can’t help herself and when she pops in store she will start to change everything around and somehow make the store look more amazing than it was before. True story!

Totally full of energy, Lara is definitely the lively bean at Embrace and keeps us all on our toes. Let’s just say this… behind every good business there is a great woman… and Lara is that woman!

Fun Fact about Lara: Lara loves nothing more than to raid Rosie and Ross’s refrigerator and junk food cupboard. Ross has to sometimes lock up the pantry before she comes over otherwise she will eat all his sweet n sour candies. She still owes Ross about 10 pizza trays!


From the very first day Embrace opened their doors in 2010 Angelina has been with us from birth. Angelina has played many roles during the years from store manager, to purchasing duties to now finding her niche in visual merchandising.

Have you ever wondered how we manage to make our store so visually appealing, pretty and totally magical? Well, Angelina is to thank for that.

Angelina has also made us all very proud Aunties at Embrace and so it is with great excitement when she comes in with her two bubba daughters who have now become our very newest members of Embrace.

Ang will be seen in the shop window, on top of the ladder, hanging of the ceiling and carrying the heaviest of crystals as she spreads her magic in making our shop look mystical and stunning. During this time you will always see Aunty Rosie proudly walking Westfield with a baby in the pram as Ang spends her day sprinkling her sparkles in our store.

Fun facts about Angelina:

Angelina has secret shares in the Nutella factory. We are still working out where she puts it all, but she will always have a Nutella something when ever she comes in store! She also has this way of making her hair styles look like she has just walked out of a salon but continues to tell us she just woke up like this!


 With her exotic Spanish accent and background in everything spiritual and paranormal, Alana is the perfect addition to our Embrace family. One of our busiest psychics instore and online you will also find Alana behind the counter serving with you with gratitude and love and guiding you to make sure your next purchase is exactly what you need to bring sunshine and happiness into your life.

Alana is the fairy godmother amongst us all, she keeps our shop spotlessly clean, our crystals sparkling and shinny and and our jewellery dazzling enough for any queen to wear. Alana makes things happen , she is a go-getter and knows her stuff inside out! If you are lucky enough to have Alana serve you , you can be guaranteed to receive the correct and honest advice.

We call Alana our pocket rocket firecracker, as she is always full of energy, laughing and smiling and getting things done that the rest of us don't want to do.

Fun facts about Alana:

Alana has more high heel stillettos than Imelda Marcos and her dream is to one day open her own shoe label! Alana can work all day long in her PeepToes without a complaint in the world. Once she builds her shoe factory, her ambition to is achieve world dominance in the fashion industry ensuring that we are all wearing clothing straight off the catwalk from Milan!


Our real life Egyptian goddess, Nancy, brings her love and passion for people and her skills and knowledge of sales and service to the Embrace Family. Nancy is definitely our resident chatterbox and loves nothing more than to have heart-to-hearts with our customers. She lovingly gets to know them all by name and becomes everyone’s BFF effortlessly. We know when Nancy is rostered on as we save our tummy’s for the many exotic home cooked sweets her beautiful mother makes especially for us girls. Nancy’s passion is jewellery, and if she sees you at our jewellery cabinet, watch out. She will have you hooked!

Fun Facts about Nancy:

Nancy literally knows how to talk under water. She is about to sell her secret to the underwater space station along with her mother's secret herbs and spices!


Rosie’s first cousin Angela has the Shalhoub entrepreneurial edge. Her wonderful company LNA events helps Embrace set up our exceptional workshops, events and festivals and basically take over the show. Angela takes on all the hard work of event handling and all in store appearances and workshops. She looks after our marketing and digital media and Angela is the one to thank for all the pretty and detailed emails you receive from us.

Fun Fact about Angela: Angela likes to come in store to do lots of work but then disappears to go shopping in the centre. We always find her at Dior!


The only male in our team, we call him “Ross the Boss”. Embrace’s handyman and big brother. You will always see Ross on a ladder, gluing broken pieces together, fixing fixtures, hanging ornaments, answering phones and playing practical jokes on us all!

Married to the love of his life Rosie, Ross who isn’t really into all this witchy woo hoo stuff has been our biggest supporter and financier. He likes to think he is the boss, and all the good ideas are his, but we have worked out a way to let him think that after we have just planted the seed in his head. For some reason all the little old ladies just love him and they always ask if he is the psychic!! 😊😊😊

Fun fact about Ross: Ross spends his whole day on his mobile phone outside of Embrace’s doors. We still haven’t worked out who he is talking to but it makes him look important so we don’t ask questions.


Sometimes the most precious of souls are sometimes the youngest and Phoebe is our baby of Embrace. Still learning the ropes she has been wrapped up in the arms of her big sisters and has the best soul buddies to look up to and learn from.

Phoebe was only 7 years old when she came into our store and could barely see over the counter asking for a job. We told her to come back when she turns 14 and on the day of her 14th birthday she gave us a call.

Phoebe is where we all once started, young, fresh eyed and eager to learn her duties as our junior goddess. Her roles are varied from customer service, data entry, cleaning, taking appointments, internet orders and Rosie’s PA which even includes babysitting for Rosie’s children!

Wise beyond her years Little Miss Pheobe’s is the apple of our eye.

Fun facts about Phoebe: Phoebe may only be 15 but she is 25 in disguise. It will be her fault if none of us will never be able to fit into our wedding dresses ever again as she likes to constantly feed us.


Is this you?

Embrace is a thriving community and we are constantly inundated with online orders, social media and all that comes in between. We are always looking for the right fit to our Embrace family and if that is you drop us a line. 

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Our Vision

We aspire to make the world a more connected and better place as the global market leader, providing access to psychic support and high quality spiritual, holistic lifestyle and inspirational gifts, products and resources.

Our Mission

We stand for the highest level of ethics and take an alternative and holistic approach to provide a spiritual, yet balanced lifestyle for people of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

As a leader in quality new age, spiritual, and inspirational products and services, we always remains aligned with the light and walking our path with integrity, faith and confidence.

Our message is one of love, unity, beauty and above all fun as we support the hopes and dreams you have been searching for.