About Us



Your pathway to transformation, healing, and self-discovery through the power of crystals.

Embrace is thriving crystal retailer and psychic community providing a place of beauty, wonder, spiritual awareness and peace. Through humour, joy and laughter we have created a welcoming space to connect with each other, nurture one’s spiritual health and flourish.

We are a proud leader in quality new age, spiritual and inspirational products and home to some of the best and elite psychics our industry has to offer. We deeply enjoy bringing people together from a huge range of backgrounds and creating an atmosphere of oneness and mutual respect.

Think of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and that is what comes to mind when you walk into the magical doors of Embrace. We are striving to make this world a better place through quality products that help to enhance, uplift and cherish our souls.

Inclusion is extremely important to us, and we have a strong focus on diversity. That is why we “embrace” everybody’s cultures, religions, faiths, race, sexuality, ethnicticity, gender, apperance and differences, and aiming to bring the world all together as ONE! Imagine!

We believe that all of us working together can bring a positive improvement to humanity and our planet.

Mission Statement:
At Embrace Australia, our mission is to empower individuals on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. We believe in the transformative power of crystals and their ability to bring balance, harmony, and positive energy into people's lives. Through our carefully curated selection of high-quality crystals, we aim to provide our customers with tools that support emotional well-being, foster spiritual connection, and enhance their overall sense of joy and fulfillment. We are committed to offering exceptional products, educational resources, and a warm, supportive community that encourages and inspires personal transformation.

Vision Statement:
Our vision at Embrace Australia is to be the leading destination for individuals seeking transformation, healing, and spiritual growth through the power of crystals. We envision a world where people are empowered to embrace their true selves, find inner peace, and live their lives in alignment with their highest potential. Through continuous innovation, ethical sourcing, and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, we aspire to create an inclusive and uplifting environment where everyone feels welcome and supported on their unique journey. Our vision is to be a trusted partner and guide, providing the highest quality crystals and fostering a community that celebrates personal growth, connection, and the beauty of embracing one's authentic self.


We are serious about upholding principles of the Fair Trading compliace and Australian consumer laws. We strive for the highest standards of integrithy and efficiency and we expect all our team mates to do the same. At all times we will act with ethics, integrity and honesty. Our values are strong and we believe in what we do and how we do it.


We at Embrace are a family! Embrace would not be Embrace if the people behind it were not as important as Embrace itself.

We not only work together but we also eat together, play together, cry and laugh together. We all share the same core values which has built Embrace to the level of excellency we have so proudly achieved. Embrace would not be the supportive place it is today if the people behind it were not as close-knit and connected. We are united in our passion for Embrace as a family of sisters (and brothers) who love, honour and respect one another and all those we serve.

Our team loves and respects one another and those we serve – we celebrate each other’s strengths, while respecting the differences among us.

Love for each other, love for our products and a passion for what we do reflects through the eyes of all our team members. We celebrate each other’s strengths and we respect each other’s differences. Meet the team… this is our Embrace Family, and this is our spiritual family, our sisters and brothers, our friends and our work mates.We are a family, we are sisters, we are united and we are Embrace!


Rosie - founder

Rosie, the founder of Embrace was given a vision at a very young age. She always knew that it was part of her destiny to create an environment of love, peace, harmony and beauty that would be shared by many. Rosie comes from a place of authenticity, courage and wisdom on a mission to transform lives for the better in a dynamic environment motivated by passion, unity, friendship and a spirit of adventure.

The energetic spiritual entrepreneur is a  true believer in the sacred feminine. With the roar of a lioness, she is a hopeless romantic, living in a world of make believe, fantasy, humour & love. Embrace is that world!

Born with an incredible psychic gift who can communicate with spirits, Rosie has always blamed “it” on the gypsy in her soul. A free spirit with a sense of adventure and an attitude for fun, her style has always been quirky & cheeky mixed in with a whole lot of passion & love. Although Rosie claims to be still stuck in a time warp of the 80’s her youthful attitude has granted her popularity amongst the millennial’s, teenagers and her favourite of all humans.. the children!

Embrace’s success has a lot to do with Rosie’s down to earth attitude and easy approach style. With a background in paranormal psychology, a strong psychic ability and great passion, Rosie has forged a highly successful psychic career leading up to launching Embrace in 2010.

Embrace is a place of beauty and wonder, spiritual awareness, love and peace. Rosie’s main aim was to bring people together through all walks of life as equals. Through fun, joy and laughter she has managed to do this beautifully, creatively and exquisitely.  Inspired by her favourite song “Imagine” by John Lennon, Embrace became that world.


You never know when Rosie is in store. Sometimes we
think she is a phantom! Oh and she believes that aliens are walking amongst us!

STAR SIGN:    Scorpio


FAVOURITE SPIRITUAL WORD: She doesn’t have one



Amara was once our baby maiden in the store who has grown into our gorgeous goddess. Amara spends most of her time at Embrace online, helping to SKU all the products in the system, taking pics, pricing, and managing online sales.

She is also our backup girl if someone is having a sickie in-store, so you may sometimes see her behind the shop counter. Amara started with us as a young, fresh-eyed teenager, who was a junior and now she runs an integral role within the store, mainly all behind the scenes. 

Fun facts about Amara: Amara is studying to be a fashion designer and she has more clothes in her wardrobe than Zara! She is also a professional make up artist who can't stop picking at our zits and fixing our bad make up days! When Amara makes her millions as Australia's next top fashion icon, we want free clothes!

STAR SIGN: Scorpio

FAVOURITE CRYSTAL: Golden Healer Quartz


FAVOURITE PART OF HER JOB: Working from home in PJ's


As a universal energy healer and counsellor, Maria is dedicated to helping her clients restore balance and wellbeing to their lives. she holds unconditional positive regard for each individual she works with, tailoring the way she helps in order to best meet their needs. With knowledge of counselling theories, skills and energy healing practices, Maria will create an environment where you are able to recognise and resolve any physical and spiritual issues you may be confronted with. Working with Maria means giving yourself the opportunity for transformation and healing at every level; so if you're looking for greater understanding, clarity or insight into your personal journey towards wellbeing, she is here to guide you on the journey.

Fun Facts about Maria: I have a great dislike for peas - I don’t like the smell or taste. I never have and never will. I’ll sit there and pick out every pea if I need to!




I specialise in reading people through cards. I don’t read the cards like a usual tarot reader. Instead, I always start off with a blessing, then the sitter is asked to think of the reason they have come for the reading, to which they keep to themselves.

Because the reading is 30 minutes (or more) in duration, having an intention means the guidance coming through can be very specific to that person’s needs. Which it always is.

The cards get shuffled and I pull out one card at time and begin to unravel the story of you. Often in a reading affirmations may be offered, a to-do-list is given or new habits to focus on.

It is very individual. These sessions are very therapeutic and uplifting. For me it is always an honour to speak from a sacred heart, in a dimension that is purely devoted to heightening frequency. Why do we want that? When we’re in a fog about life, lifting your head above the cloud is all you need to see the path ahead of you.

Fun facts about Adriana:




Maria is a gifted psychic reader who connects people to a powerful source of divine energy. She has dedicated her life to unlocking and exploring the many mysteries of the supernatural world and offers her clients a unique range of specialised services, including mediumship, tarot readings, hypnotherapy, spirit box communication and energy cleansing.

With years of experience in rieki healing and other esoteric spiritual practices, she strives to help all those seeking deeper understanding, greater clarity and inner peace. Let the sacred journey begin!

FUN FACTS ABOUT MARIA: Maria can read Animals! Maria also has a pet snake and tarantula!



JOSIE - intuitive

My intuitive gift manifests in the ability to be able to read, hear and feel the energies around people’s past, present and possible futures (I say ‘possible’ because our destinies can change with the blink of an eye, nothing is set in stone).

My abilities have been handed down through both my paternal and maternal linage.

Kind of like a turning a radio dial to pick up signals, I tune in and pick up on information that can enhance & support my client’s life journey.

I am merely the messenger, nothing is from me, however I compliment the confidential sessions by providing a compassionate, safe and supportive space.


STAR SIGN: Scorpio

FAVOURITE CRYSTAL: I love them all! ❤️


Jacquline - PSYCHIC

Psychic ability is something I have had, since I was very young, a third-generation spiritual healer. I am blessed with the ability to see events and dynamics in relationships, which will guide you to make a correct choice in your life.

My connection to spirit will allow me to flow information to you as that you see a clearer picture to problems and attain solutions to resolve them. I will guide you to the happiness in your relationships so that you don’t waste your time in tears. I have studied the tarot for over 15 years, and I will get you the answers you need.

FUN FACT ABOUT JACQULINE: Spirit will not give me the Lotto numbers!