What is our company ABN?

ABN: 23666311502
Embrace Crystals Pty Ltd
Sydney. Australia
What makes us stand out from the others?
In a nutshell... we know our stuff and we have been around since before most of them were born! 

Our company stands out due to our over 30 years of knowledge and expertise. This extensive experience has allowed us to cut out all the fluff in the industry develop huge events such as THE FESTIVAL OF DREAMS, and provide exceptional service to our clients.

One of the key factors that sets us apart is our founder Rosie, who is a two-time award-winning and best-selling author, an award-winning TV reality show of "Embracing Rosie",  speaker, and serial entrepreneur. Her vast knowledge and achievements have helped to establish our company as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for providing top-quality service, products and results that exceed expectations. With our experienced team and proven track record, we continue to set the standard for excellence in our industry.

Where do we source our products from?
Here at the Embrace headquarters in Sydney Australia, we are extremely passionate about the products we source and where they come from. We make sure that our crystals and jewellery are of the highest grades and greatest quality.  Over the past 20 years we have been blessed to work with some amazing families who own their own mines where we know first hand that your stones have been sourced ethically and with mother nature their number one priority.
All our suppliers have fair working and pay conditions for all their staff in order for them to be proud of their work thus enhancing the energy of the crystals even further with positive the energy and love that we here at Embrace just ooze.
Our beauties come from all over the world, even places we didn’t know existed! Our founder Rosie insisted that her values had to match the right energies in all the places we sourced from.  Just like herself and the ethos of Embrace, Rosie has made sure that kind and compassionate people who cared about our planet and the integrity of their work matched the energy she wanted in her store.
Each and every one is hand chosen by the Embrace girlies as we know how to find the beauty and magic in each and every one.
Because with crystals and gemstones no two are never the same, they are all one of a kind and totally original.  If you like something we strongly advice to get it straight away as it can never be replaced. Just like each and every one of us as human’s with our own characters, complete individuality and DNA our crystals are just the same! As there is only one of us… there is also one of them!
Do you have a quality guarantee?
Of course we do! We believe in our products so much that we totally back them all the way.
How do I pick a crystal?
You don’t! The crystal picks you!
Trust us when we say this. If you don’t, then have a good geez (that’s Australian slang for “look”) through our website and without reading any descriptions stop at whatever stands out for you. Then… look at the description and that is where you will find your magic!
Our blogs and Crystalpedia will be your wealth of information.
Do you wholesale?
Well….yes and no. There are some items we can definitely wholesale so shoot us an email and let us try to help you.
Will you do a custom order for me?
Us Embrace girls love a challenge, so if we don’t have it in store but the Universe does then let us reach for the stars and find it for you.
Don’t forget we love a good party and a reason to celebrate so we can always offer bonbonniere packages for your weddings and christening celebrations.
How long does it take for my order to be delivered?
Because we are perfectionists at Embrace and we want your order to be exactly what you ordered plus more, so please be patient and allow us up to 7-9 BUSINESS DAYS for order processing and dispatch within Australia. We totally understand the need to have it all NOW especially where crystals and jewellery are concerned but please let us get this right for you the first time around.
Australia Post have given us these estimated times for delivery:
Regular Post || METRO AREAS - Please allow up to 5 BUSINESS days
OTHER AREAS -Please allow up to 7 BUSINESS days
Express Post || METRO AREAS - next BUSINESS day
OTHER AREAS - please allow up to 3 BUSINESS days
International delivery will take a little longer so please allow up to 14 days. Don’t forget that each cournty will have their own duty and import tax laws which sometimes will incur additional fees once landed in your country. Sadly, we cannot cover this fee for you ☹ so please make sure you are one step ahead and fingers crossed you won’t have to pay any extra fees.
Please please please let us know if you don’t receive you
r order within two weeks.
Where does Embrace post their good vibes to?
We will post to anywhere in the Universe.
We offer FREE Australia wide shipping on all orders over $50.
Our online orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Caringbah and currently that is not open to the public. But don’t worry, we are working on bringing that to you shortly. Soz!
Other Questions or Requests?
Please contact us at :



Psychic ability is something I have had, since I was very young, a third-generation spiritual healer. I am blessed with the ability to see events and dynamics in relationships, which will guide you to make a correct choice in your life.

My connection to spirit will allow me to flow information to you as that you see a clearer picture to problems and attain solutions to resolve them. I will guide you to the happiness in your relationships so that you don’t waste your time in tears. I have studied the tarot for over 15 years, and I will get you the answers you need.

FUN FACT ABOUT JACQULINE: Spirit will not give me the Lotto numbers!



josie - intuitive

My intuitive gift manifests in the ability to be able to read, hear and feel the energies around people’s past, present and possible futures (I say ‘possible’ because our destinies can change with the blink of an eye, nothing is set in stone).

My abilities have been handed down through both my paternal and maternal linage.

Kind of like a turning a radio dial to pick up signals, I tune in and pick up on information that can enhance & support my client’s life journey.

I am merely the messenger, nothing is from me, however I compliment the confidential sessions by providing a compassionate, safe and supportive space.


STAR SIGN: Scorpio

FAVOURITE CRYSTAL: I love them all! ❤️



 Greetings to
all, and welcome to my world of spiritual healing and guidance! My name is
Angelina and I hail from the beautiful country of Argentina. As a bilingual
speaker of both English and Spanish, I have had the privilege of sharing my
gifts and abilities with people from all walks of life.

For over 25
years, I have been practicing as a clairvoyant medium, providing intuitive
readings that connect you with messages from loved ones who have passed on to
the other side. In addition to my mediumship, I am also a certified Reiki
practitioner, sound healer, and theta healer. My expertise also extends to
shamanic practices, coffee cup reading, and intuitive drawing.

As a twin
flame expert and star seed, I can help you unlock the secrets of your soul's
Akashic Records, and guide you towards greater spiritual awareness and healing.
I specialize in clearing DNA and family traumas, as well as helping individuals
remove blockages that may be hindering their progress.

During my
Reiki energy healing treatments, I incorporate the soothing sounds of singing
bowls, a medicine drum, and essential oils, to create a truly transformative
experience for my clients. My ultimate goal is to help you evolve and gain a
deeper understanding of your life's purpose and lessons.

So if you're
seeking clarity, healing, and spiritual guidance, look no further! I'm here to
help you on your journey, and I can't wait to connect with you.

Many blessings
to you!

Fun Fact about Angelina: Angelina is
a big kid at heart. She enjoys superhero's and anything to do with Lords &
Wizards. She secretly is saving to buy herself a Spanish Tapa Salsa Club where
she can dance on the tables with her hair down!


CRYSTAL: Moonstone

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Maria - energetic healer

(Please note that Maria is our wonderful healer and does not do psychic readings).

I am a qualified Counsellor and a Reiki Seichem Master offering a
holistic approach and combine both counselling and energy healing into
my sessions.

As a Reiki Seichem Master (Reiki is the Japanese healing system and
Seichem is the Egyptian Healing System) I work intuitively with the
energy using the five elemental energies of earth, water, fire, air
and ether, as well as the cosmic energy and ancient Egyptian energy of Horus. I merge the seven energies into one Almighty Energy. I use the
Almighty Energy in all my sessions face to face and online / distant

These are some of the areas I work with in my holistic and energy sessions:

-heal physical symptoms,
-release trauma, emotions, grief,
-release limiting beliefs, fears, conditioning, patterns
-release old limiting story and identity and bring in a new story/identity
-heal childhood trauma and emotions
-remove and heal generational trauma
-heal past life trauma, emotions, illnesses.

I am passionate about bringing change, acceptance, healing to my
clients and most importantly to teach and empower each person I work

Fun Facts about Maria: I have a great dislike for peas - I don’t like the smell or taste. I never have and never will. I’ll sit there and pick out every pea if I need to!




Rita Bee is truly an old soul and has been working as a crystal healer and medium for over 10 years. She is also a hypnotherapist, Author and global mindset coach. Rita works with a table full of beautiful crystals (not cards) which makes her style so highly unique.

Rita taps into your energy and the vibration of each crystal you choose with her powerful source of the divine energy and third eye.

Rita is also an energy cleanser removing bad energy with ancient prayers and dialogue to God. Rita has done crystal healings for Royals, Presidents and Celebrities.

FUN FACTS ABOUT RITA: Rita owns a motor bike, tractor and excavator and loves fishing.



FAVOURITE CRYSTAL: Septarian Dragon and The Bumble Bee



I specialise
in reading people through cards. I don’t read the cards like a usual tarot
reader. Instead, I always start off with a blessing, then the sitter is asked
to think of the reason they have come for the reading, to which they keep to

Because the reading is 30 minutes (or more) in duration, having an intention
means the guidance coming through can be very specific to that person’s needs.
Which it always is.

The cards get shuffled and I pull out one card at time and begin to unravel the
story of you. Often in a reading affirmations may be offered, a to-do-list is
given or new habits to focus on.

It is very individual. These sessions are very therapeutic and uplifting. For
me it is always an honour to speak from a sacred heart, in a dimension that is
purely devoted to heightening frequency. Why do we want that? When we’re in a
fog about life, lifting your head above the cloud is all you need to see the
path ahead of you.

Fun facts
about Adriana: You know the saying 'laughter raises your spirits'

.... My
wicked laughter not only raises my spirit, but every other ghost hanging about!


CRYSTAL: Turquoise

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Maria .H - psychic

Maria is a gifted psychic reader who connects people to a powerful source of divine energy. She has dedicated her life to unlocking and exploring the many mysteries of the supernatural world and offers her clients a unique range of specialised services, including mediumship, tarot readings, hypnotherapy, spirit box communication and energy cleansing.

With years of experience in rieki healing and other esoteric spiritual practices, she strives to help all those seeking deeper understanding, greater clarity and inner peace. Let the sacred journey begin!

FUN FACTS ABOUT MARIA: Maria can read Animals! Maria also has a pet snake and tarantula!