Embracing Rosie

Embracing Rosie


“A little bit of mayhem, and a whole lot of magic!”


What do you get when a Sydney bricklayer falls for a psychic?

A little bit of mayhem, a whole lot of magic and an adventurous, fun-loving

reality TV show of course!

Introducing “Embracing Rosie” the new genre reality retail TV.

Embracing Rosie is an award winning charming, funny and completely unscripted eight-part reality show, it is an access-all-areas glimpse into the life of Rosie – A celebrated and colourful psychic and her bricklaying beau Ross.  The show is an enthralling, entertaining series of mishaps and miracles. Rosie says, “It’s a sneaky peek into the real life of a Sydney psychic.”

Rosie and Ross “get along so well because we’re total opposites I’m psychic and he’s a prankster”.  The series is focused around Embrace, the “hub” of the spiritual community at Miranda Westfield in Sydney where the show kicks off before the pair venture overseas to Christmas World in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stonehenge, Las Vegas and Paris where Rosie experiences an intense past-life connection.

Rosie describes herself as outrageously romantic and fiercely loyal, and in one of the most breathtaking moments of the series, Ross drops to one knee under the Eiffel Tower.

From running her spiritual store, ‘Embrace’ to managing her Christmas bauble franchise ‘Santa’s Little Painters’ and the hugely successful new age event ‘Festival of Dreams’ Rosie manages to find time to catch up with great friends such as the world famous psychic medium Lisa Williams throughout the series. Add in her hilarious shenanigans overseas, we embark on a journey and share her experiences with her close family life and her intriguing world as one of Australia’s most celebrated psychics. Whist her partner Ross, prefers brick dust to glitter, he is always there to provide the muscle to make the magic happen.

Describing the series – and her life – Rosie says, “It’s been an absolute riot. We wanted to show the real life of a psychic, each episode has a real psychic reading and showcases a celebrity psychic launching a new book or tarot cards at Embrace. Seeing spirits walk by is absolutely normal for me and my friends. Ross thinks we’re all away with the fairies and he just focuses on his next prank. But I’ve realised that there’s a lot of love around me and that I’m truly blessed.”

What unfolds throughout this debut series will have you on the edge of your seats and completely captivated by the light hearted and charming Rosie!