Psychic Readings

Did you know that having a psychic reading with one of Embrace’s gifted and talented psychics can give you much needed words of wisdom and help you on your path?

At Embrace we can truly boast some of the best and elite psychics are industry has to offer! All our psychics have been personally chosen by Rosie our store owner whose career as a professional psychic herself spans over 25 years!

Rosie is aware of the needs of our customers and the importance of spiritual, ethical psychics who work with integrity and ethics. Because of this our reader’s come highly recommended. You can be guaranteed our psychics will have your best interests at heart!

Embrace also hosts our National and International celebrity psychics who have all chosen Embrace as their destination to read from when they visit Sydney. Check out our events page to see who is visiting next.

Our psychics get booked out quickly and we recommend you ring or email Embrace if you want to visit our psychics instore, have a skype or phone reading or even an email reading. You will also be required to leave a deposit or pay in full to secure your appointment.

Embrace charges $85 for half an hour, $125 for 45 mins or $160 for one hour. Our psychics are also available for phone, skype and email readings and for private party bookings. Embrace requires a $60 deposit for half an hour, and $80 for 45 mins and one hour bookings. Please make all booking via telephone on 02 9531 0009.

Enjoy your reading today!

Psychic readers profiles

Please know that all Embrace’s psychics are here to help and guide you in all areas of your life and to help connect you on our spiritual journey.


How to choose the appropriate psychic to work with?

Just as all talented people in any avenue in life are not the same neither are psychics. You will usually find that no two psychics will ever read the same and even though their delivery may be different to each other’s their outcome is usually the same.

Our best advice for you in choosing your psychic is to read through all the profiles and pictures and you will find yourself drawn to a particular reader. Don’t fight it as your spirit guides and guardian angels are choosing directly for you.

You will find that this is the reader that will have the appropriate messages for you.

If for some reason you don’t feel a connection with your reader after the first 5 minutes, please let us know immediately and we will without a doubt, no questions asked refund your payment or refer you to another reader.


Why do we charge the prices we do?

Instead of saying “that’s too expensive” try saying “”my life is just not worth the investment” and see how that sounds.


Do we offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely! We are so confident in our readers that we just know you will love them as much as we do here at Embrace. All our readers have been personally selected by Rosie our store founder who has based her whole life work on being nothing but ethical, reliable and honest in all that Embrace stands for. Rosie, a natural born psychic has worked in the industry for over 35 years and she has seen both the good and the bad. She made a promise to herself and to you our beautiful client that she will only ever work with the “real deal” and people who have actually got their “shit” together in their personal lives before they try to help you with yours.

If for some reason you don’t feel a connection with your reader after the first 5 minutes, please let us know immediately and we will without a doubt, no questions asked refund your payment or refer you to another reader.

If you want to know more about Rosie’s adventures and misadventures in the world of psychics stay tuned for the release of her upcoming book “The Dark Side of the Light” .


What is the best way to have my reading? Face to face, Zoom, Skype, Facetime or phone?

Don’t worry we have your back! Our readers are so amazing that they don’t need to have you sitting in front of them in store. Actually, sometimes it is even better to have your reading remotely so that way your psychic won’t be tempted to read your body language and facial expressions. (Trust me, it does happen. Your psychic is only human after all).

We offer phone, Zoom, Skype or facetime so you can stay in the comfort of your own home or office space or even hiding in your car.

Make sure you come prepared with any questions that may not be covered by your psychic .


What to expect from my reading?

What ever you do PLEASE do not expect your psychic to automatically know your name, what you ate for dinner or what colour underwear you are wearing! It just does not work like this. And sadly, they won’t be able to give you the lotto numbers either ☹

If you are closed up, arms crossed and coming for reading to “test” your psychic then energetically your reader will not be able to get “through” the invisible barrier you have put up. So relax, give a little to get a lot, ask questions and most of all have some fun with it.

Please note: your psychic is there for guidance and clarity and most of the time you will find that they are mainly clarifying things that intuitively you already know.


How to have a successful psychic reading?

Keep an open mind. Because our psychics can “see” things from a much higher perspective than what you can (otherwise you wouldn’t be having the reading) and what they say may not sound right at the time, give it some time as you will find that later down the track they end up being right. Make sure you have a strong connection with your reader. Choose who you feel drawn to and go with it Be prepared – have questions ready that may not be covered in your reading, make sure all other distractions around you have been either shut out, shut down or shut off. Remember that your reading is confidential so don’t be afraid to tell your psychic what ever is on your mind. Trust us, they have heard and seen it all before. Nothing can shock them.  Just know that we are not here to judge, our readers are here to guide, listen, be your confidante and good friend.


Refund policy for Psychic Readings

Embrace is totally aware that there may be a very rare circumstance that you may feel you and your psychic have not connected very well.

If this is the case and you are not happy with your reading and the way it is heading we are happy to refund you in full if you have advised your psychic within the first 10-15 minutes of the reading or we can direct you to another psychic.

Unfortunately, just like eating at a restaurant where you cannot get a full refund if you ate the whole meal, we at Embrace cannot refund you the full amount if your reading lasts for the duration of the time you paid. Our readers are all professional psychics and this is their full time work. Most have families and bills just like the rest of us and have to be paid for their time.

So please, if you feel there is not a connection let us know within 15 minutes and we will gladly sort it out for you.