Apache Tears & the tears we cry..

A member of the obsidian family, these divine little drops are usually round or oval, blackish brown in colour, and can be somewhat translucent when polished and held up to light. Their name stems from a legend surrounding the grief of the wives and families of a group of Apache Warriors, who chose to leap to their deaths from a cliffs edge after being surrounded and outnumbered in a battle with the U.S. cavalry in the 1870’s.

The devastated wives mourned dark tears that fell to the earth, forming the Crystal we now call the Apache Tear. It is believed that their tears formed into reality as these unusual stones, so that we may always remember what took place.

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The Apache Tears are found in the South-Western USA and Mexico.


Apache Tears gift us gentle support when in times of needing to let go and/or move forward. They are helpful for healing grief and trauma, not just from the present but from our pasts and even from deep wounds from our previous lives. Because they come from the Obsidian tribe, they also have the protective and cleansing properties that all obsidians hold.

Apache tears are gentle above all else, which makes them perfect for people struggling with heavy, tough emotions. They are very nourishing to the mind and ground us when our feet need to be better planted. Apache Tears protect our aura against negativity and helps shift energy that is nor serving us well so that we are able to work through difficulties with more ease and clarity.


Its calm and peaceful energy is also good for people who suffer from anxiety or fear.

This can have a rejuvenating effect on many parts of your life that you were unaware were wrapped up in old frozen patterns. They are a perfect stone to wear to therapy!

One of my favourite things about this wonderful stone is its ability to gift us comfort in times of grief. The Apache Tears are a symbol of the healing that our own tears can give us. Ever heard the saying that “Crying is a shower for our soul”?. I did many years ago and it is a saying that has truly stuck with me, because indeed it is. Tears are a way for us to release emotions, to feel and to be physically present with the feeling. Water is essential for life, essential for cleansing our bodies daily and it was no coincidence that we were designed to have it come from our eyes when the soul needs a wash too.  Apache Tears are tender energy above all else and help us to stay secure and strong within when the outside world seems hard to bear.

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Polished Apache Tears


Apache Tears are powerful stones to use for psychic protection. They will raise your ability to recognize the approach of unwanted situations, where you may be at risk or where you may be in emotional or physical danger, so they are also helpful in keeping us safe.

Working collaboratively with the heart chakra, the Apache Tear will assist with healing the emotional body and encourage us to move forward with a more positive view of life and what’s to come.

Their strong energy also works within our base chakra, shifting excess energy that is weighing us down so that we feel lighter and more energised to keep journeying.

Because Apache Tears do absorb negativity, they will need to be regularly cleansed using one of the many methods noted in one of our previous posts…

Crystal Cleansing 101 – embrace-australia (embraceaustralia.com.au)

I would like to leave this post with this…. Mourning is a part of life, as to unfortunately is tragedy and loss. The Apache Tear exists to remind us that the things we grieve and the losses we feel may be painful, but they are not here to stay. Just like the legend of the tears that became this gentle stone, we need to cry and to sit with sadness sometimes. It’s healing and it is a necessary part of the process to recovery. Never hold back a ‘soul shower’ when you need it guys and know that whatever your struggles… this too shall pass.

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Raw Apache Tears


Apache Tears - The Stone for Grief & Loss – embrace-australia (embraceaustralia.com.au)

Crystal Kit - Grief – embrace-australia (embraceaustralia.com.au)


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