Bring on 2021

In numerology, the number 2021 holds a worth of 5, which underlines independence. It highlights the freedom to choose and the freedom to act, and ignites a desire to acquire new knowledge and / or new views that have perhaps previously gone unnoticed.

As an angel number, 2021 is said to be a sure sign from the Angels that something big is about to happen.

Let’s hope that, in both cases, this rings to be true my friends because 2020 was quite a year to say the very least!

Most of us, I am sure, are happy to wave goodbye to the past 12 months, and to look forward to the year ahead, with the all too familiar optimism we tend to have when the countdown start’s and the fireworks begin.

We set New Years resolutions, that 99.9% of us will brand as an epic fail in the next month or two, and many of us will have decided that this will be “our year”....This is it!

The reality is that every year is our year. Our year to learn, our year to grow, our year to fall and fail and our year to get back up and succeed. No year is a waste to any one of us, and 2020 was no exception.

“Never regret a day in your life; Good days give happiness, bad days give experience, the worst days give lessons and the best days give memories”.... Unknown

I feel it would be an accurate assumption to say that 2020 gave us more of the days filled with experience and lessons then we were prepared for. From a crazy pandemic and all the theories behind it, to losing our normality and way of life because of it, 2020 was a challenge and the challenges have unfortunately followed us into this new year.

In that being noted, the past 12 months have shed light on a lot, for me at least. You may not agree and you may not share my views but I have learned just how much tenacity and fight the human race can have. I have seen what isolation and fear can do to people and I have also seen a lot of us start proactively taking a stand and having a voice for what our views, needs and beliefs are. It has become apparent to me that we are all realizing we have more of a say and more right to have that say then perhaps we felt we did not all that long ago. It is my belief that restrictions and the rigid flexing of power that has been bestowed on us has quite possibly set a fire in many a belly to exercise our desire for truth, freedom, knowledge and for some control of our lives and livelihoods. No matter what side of the fence you sit on...Covid-19 is BS or Covid-19 is a horrific pandemic, pro the vaccine or dead against it, for mandated masks or the belief that its silly and pointless...even political views have been huge worldwide the past 6 months leading up to the US election. No matter what side of the fence you are on or even if you find yourself sitting in a cosey spot on the fence, we are all out there having a say, posting our views, looking into the finer details more and making our own minds up about what it is we essentially stand for. This is huge, it’s a gift and I truly hope Numerology has it right and we get to exercise more independence in the coming months.

The misgivings of COVID-19 and all that came along with it has also given us a new appreciation for the not so small things that we previously thought little of and this is another 'little pressie' 2020 gifted us. Seeing friends and family, human touch, fresh air and the freedom to go for a walk... hell, even toilet paper went up a peg or two on the precious list! (The toilet paper thing has always puzzled me, one would think that the potential to shit one self was on the list of COVID-19 symptoms)

So after living out the last 12 months in crazy town with the rest of you, I have decided to ditch the new years resolutions and opt instead for a list of pointers, if you will, to help me get through 2021 in all of its uncertainty in a way that keeps me mindful, poised, motivated and kicking arse. I want to share these with you and encourage you to take some or all on your journey in life for the next 365 days. ( to be precise, now 343)

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Learn how to enjoy your own company if you don’t already. Isolation has become quite a thing for us all, so it makes sense to take these stints as opportunities to get to know yourself and to nourish the relationship you have with yourself. We rarely treat ourselves with the same kindness and love we treat others with and it's a perfect time to shift that.

  2. Don’t believe everything you read and watch. Know why your views and beliefs, preferences and values are what they are by digging beyond the mainstreams of information. This way you not only know WHAT you stand for but you know exactly WHY you stand for it.

  3. Be kind! Sounds simple right? Well apparently not. The amount of abuse people are copping online, in store, on the street, at work and so forth has sky rocketed this year in what looks to be a great divide of opinions and sorts. If your views dont match mine it doesnt make you an idiot nor is it my cue to then impose my views onto you to shift your mindset. We are all different, we have voices and platforms for a reason and that is to have the freedom to share such things. What others take or do not take from what you are about is not up to you. Stand true and firm, allow others to do the same...and be kind.

  1. Share information. Use your platforms and your voices to share valuable knowledge and content. You never know who is watching, reading, needing and/or searching for answers or a shift in perspective.

  2. Honor yourself by becoming friends with the word No. If you cannot or dont wish to do something, own that and say no. Gift yourself the same respect and honesty you gift others. Saying no doesnt make you a bitch   (or a prick )

  3. Recruit Fresh Eyes From your partner and children, family and friends to your home, your car and the great outdoors around you.... Seeing things as they are not as they have come to be over time can be life changing!

May this year bring us independence, clarity, louder voices without discrimination and respect for fellow human beings no matter their stance. Stay centered, stay healthy and get wise guys.... If the Angel Number 2021 is accurate then something big is about to happen, so buckle up!

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