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 I recently read somewhere that minerals are Mother Natures Art… I loved this little saying, and it is what prompted me to write this blog…well that, and Lockdown of course. I figured, why not pretty up the joint while I’m spending so much of my time here at home. So, I did some homework and found what I now believe are 6 of the most aesthetically pleasing and energetically beneficial crystals for the home.

Why 6??


I have 6 separate spaces in my home (excluding the bathroom), so I have picked one for each space. Below you will find my list of 6, their spaces, the why and the where. Here we go……


More and more people are adding crystals to their living space. All crystals connect us with the Earth and nature. So, it is no surprise to me that people without any belief in anything metaphysical are drawn to them and get pleasure from being around them.

Placing Crystals for Your Home


This is somewhat relative to the good old ancient art of Feng Shui. Although it is not a traditional practice, it is definitely a modern take on it in it’s own right. Many people we see at Embrace around this topic will choose to place crystals intuitively while others focus on the properties of the crystals and how they apply to key areas. Here, I have used a combination of both methods and while my recommendations noted are with good reason and good intentions, feel free to veer off with your own ideas and what sits right for your gut instincts and your home.


What About the Size of the Crystal?

Not in all cases but in the case of crystals within the home, bigger is actually better. This is because you’re no longer working with just yourself, you’re working with, and changing the energy field of, an entire room or space.

This doesn’t mean you must spend a fortune on giant crystals and empty the bank, but it does mean shopping around and using your savvy and creative eye to gauge what will measure up to each space you intend to “crystal up”. For example, if the crystal you place on the coffee table looks lonely and lost, it’s probably because it is!



Rose Quartz brings a peaceful and calming vibe to any room and in addition it is the stone of self-love and harmonious relationships. So, it should be no surprise that this was my choice for the bedroom (I threw in a beautiful piece of garnet as it invokes passion…. so if you like to “get your groove on”, this is a nice little addition…. just saying).  Rose Quartz also encourages an open and vulnerable heart space, romance and is a beautiful stone for nurture.


Location Suggestions

Place Rose Quartz by the bed on a bedside table and to left if that works. I actually bought two pieces and have one on each bedside table, but it truly is up to you and where you think yours fits best.

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Energetic Properties

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone for the home. It helps protect you and your space from negative influences and energies. From hindering thoughts to bad happenings, e.g., arguments and illnesses, the Black Tourmaline helps rid us of what lingers around us and our homes afterwards.


Location Suggestions

Place Black Tourmaline near the main entrance and /or any doorways. I know that this is not a specific space as such, but I included this due to the importance of protection of both our loved ones and the home we live in, especially in the current times we find ourselves a part of.

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Energetic Properties

Amethyst transmutes negative energies and offers psychic protection (this aids in nightmares and sound sleep). It supports peace, helps alleviate anxiety and balances the third eye energy. A stone of tranquillity and protection, Amethyst is a great go to when a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep is what you are after.

Location Suggestions

Avoid windows and direct sunlight, as this can fade the colour of your crystal. We place ours on the dressing table toward the edge nearest the bed. 

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Energetic Properties

Citrine is well renowned for attracting abundance, success, and prosperity into your life. It also brings a vibe of happiness and confidence and helps with positive and clear thinking.  

Location Suggestions

I do not recommend placing your Citrine near the window or anywhere where direct sunlight will stay on it for long periods of time. Giving it a home on your desk is ideal, placing it to left of the desk… even better. The left side is always the side of receiving and creative flow, and with work/study and money it works in our favour to invoke creativity and prosperity.

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Energetic Properties

Clear Quartz can be programmed for any intention, so be sure to do this when your gorgeous new roommate arrives. It emits healing, physical energy and relieves mental fatigue and fogginess. It helps clear and cleanse and balances our chakra’s.

Location Suggestion

Pretty much any part of the living room, but I recommend somewhere where it is in clear view and not stuck in a corner to collect dust. Ours has been placed on the TV cabinet toward the centre of the space and this also work well as it does protect against EMF’s as well which is another huge benefit to adding Clear Quartz to the home.

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Promotes vitality, increases creativity and brings joy to the surface. These 3 things are always a plus when you are in the kitchen as it can be a great time to get innovative and creative with what you are putting on the plate, and let’s face it, cooking can also be tedious and tiring so again a little joy goes a long way when we hit that mindset. Carnelian also helps us let go of bad eating habits and implement the good ones.

Location Suggestion

Well…in your kitchen lol. Just exercise some common sense here guys and don’t place it anywhere near the stove or oven, or where you frequently wipe spills or food in the process of cooking. So basically somewhere where is stays clean, dry and away from the heat.

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All of these precious stones help us get by with a little energy and magic of their own. They really are earths gifts to man and we would be foolish to not make use of them. I hope you enjoy sprucing up your humble little corner of the world, and that they bring a little more peace and positivity to you and to yours.

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