Crystals During Covid-19

We are living in the thick of one of the craziest times that this day and age has seen. In December of 2019 a virus, that has since been labelled Covid-19, left China and swept the world and with it has come a lot of controversy, conspiracy and chaos to say the least.

I do not know where I stand with so much of what has taken place from the beginning till now and I’m sure many of you are sailing along in the same boat as me with this. There is so much uncertainty and ugliness and loads of what I read is hard to swallow let alone digest. From rushed vaccines and documentaries like Plandemic, to ridiculous toilet paper shortages and masking up, it’s hard to know what exactly is going on, nor is it viable for us to have any idea on where to from here without any indication of when and if this ‘new normal’ will subside. For so many of us this time has represented loss. Loss of loved ones, loss of homes, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of sanity, loss of freedom and a loss of basic human connection.

It is in situations like this, when we feel vulnerable and low, that human beings seem to look beyond ‘logic’ for meaning and answers. We look at alternative therapies, ways of being and vices, in order to find and to prove that there is indeed more to life then what we see with our eyes. Because if there isn’t…well then what the hell are we striving for, surviving for, and working toward? During my search for comfort, connection, intention and peace, in my here and now, one of the first advocates I have found is crystals. 

Since the dawn of time crystals have served humankind in all areas of life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. From Selenite for Chemotherapy patients to Amethyst for those with insomnia and/or anxiety, crystals exist for not only the beauty they bestow on our eyes but for the shifts they can help us make in our lives. Crystals act as a power hold for health and healing because they allow positive energy to flow within and around us via their individual frequencies. They do this, while also removing and absorbing negative vibrations (which is why crystal cleansing is so important, stay tuned for that blog folks).

So, I thought it fitting to share with you 3 of the precious minerals that have joined me on this Covid-19 roller coaster ride and why I picked them.



  1. Citrine – confidence / prosperity / happiness


Citrine is one of my all time favourites! This natural gem is noted for it’s ability to work with your solar plexus (your core and centre). This area of our body is what holds us up, what supports us, and it represents confidence, stamina and strength. It is also a stone of prosperity and fortune. I have one of these gorgeous pieces living in my office and a tumble stone in my wallet. The tumble in my wallet reminds me to always come from a place of plenty, to trust that money will come and to help me stay in that abundant space. I chose the office for the other Citrine as this is my place to be creative, to work and it’s also where I crunch financials and sneak away for snippets of me time when the kids are entertained. I picked Citrine to be in my top 3 because finances have been rocky, because confidence has been necessary in such unchartered territory, and because having a strong centre keeps me focused and calm.  Last but not at all least … happiness! Citrine sets an intention of joy within the space it holds, and I know not one of us hasn’t felt the need for a little ‘sunshine’ when the clouds seem to have set in. Thank you Citrine!


  1. Clear Quartz- Health, clarity, peace

Clear Quartz is known as the ‘Master Healer’, and that it is. This stone aids all chakras from our head to our toes. It provides us with energy, helps clear emotional and physical imbalances and gives us clarity in unclear times. I chose this stone because I feel it helps keep my immunity up, it keeps me clear and focused when working from home, and another great perk of having this beautiful stone in your home is that it helps neutralise EMF and radiation. Electric and magnetic fields and radiation are 2 things we are all surrounded by, particularly now while we are home more and with 5G rolling in. I have this piece in my living room and I often use it during meditation. Clear quartz will remind you to surround yourself with light, to come from light, to stay peaceful even in times of chaos and it will aid in clearing the mental fog and fatigue so many of us are experiencing.      

  1. Rose quartz – self-love/ serenity/ beauty

Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Lurrrve!! When we think of love we think of romance and partnerships, but we miss the mark here massively. This soft pink beauty is a ‘self-stone” like no other. Yep, I am going to use the eye rolling phrase “self-love”. If you are anything like me you have had many times when you have wanted to slap the words “you just need to love yourself” right out of a friend’s mouth (I hope I am not alone here), but this stone exists for this very reason. The truth is that when we come from a place of Self-care, Self- respect, Self- awareness and yes Self- love, then we attract what we emit. Since Covid-19 isolation and safe distancing procedures started there has been a rise in marriage break downs, break ups, depression and sadly suicide as well. As human beings we find ourselves in difficult times right now without the freedom of our basic need for connection, for time out and away to process when feuds arise, from support of friends and families in the way we once knew. We now have ‘elbow bumps” instead of hugs and the list that makes up this “new normal” goes on and on. Rose quartz exists to remind us of who we are at our best, it softens our hearts, helps us to surrender to what is and stop and smell the roses that are. She helps us to take the time for self- care and reflection and in turn this helps us keep the relationships we hold so dear intact.  I have two of these gems in my home. One in our kid’s room and one in ours. They remind me that the relationship with myself is vital to EVERYTHING around me.   



There are countless crystals with endless benefits, and while these 3 have been my pick through Covid-19 craziness, this in no way means that they will be yours. Crystals pick you as much as you pick them, that sounds a little nuts right?? Well…… it’s true. Don’t believe me?, here’s a little experiment. When you have time up your sleeve, pop into a crystal shop or do some online retail therapy on a reputable online store. Without reading up on the meaning simply choose the crystals based on sight and voila! 9 times out of 10, you will inevitably find that the meaning is marching along to the tune of your song right now.

In conclusion, Crystals during Covid-19 add beauty, energy and healing to our lives at a time when we all need it most. So perhaps now is the perfect time to ask yourself, which ones are waiting to be your buddies throughout the madness and beyond?


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