Embrace is proud to present the Festival of Dreams

Since 2010 Embrace has been bringing our festivals to you and in 2016 we are proud to present the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS bigger and better than ever! Nourishing your soul with our magic, Embrace is the leader in quality new age, spiritual and inspirational products. Situated in the busy shopping centre of Westfield Miranda in Sydney, Embrace is host to only elite and professional psychics and caters to International and National clients the world over. Featured many times on National TV our customer base has become our family and our reputation speaks for itself. Owned and operated by Rosie Shalhoub, the girl with a big heart and a massive vision, Rosie now brings to you the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS. Rosie believes that everybody has a dream and invites you into her magical world.
"Take three days out for yourself and embrace new opportunities for you to be who you can possibly be."
Embrace life at the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS as we bring together leading members of the wellbeing, spiritual, health and business fields to share their tools and stories that can empower you to embrace an authentic existence. In a fast-paced world where the focus is often on everything else but yourself, it takes something special to break the personal disconnect and re-energise your inner health and spirit. Creating balance in your day and nourishing your own wellbeing is a catalyst for living your dream life and this October there is one event designed to inspire and motivate you to embrace an authentic existence. The three-day Festival of Dreams brings together leading members of the wellbeing, spiritual, health and business fields to share the tools and stories that can empower you to better self-understanding and appreciation. Now in its third year, the 2016 Festival of Dreams boasts an exciting line-up of nationally and internationally renowned keynote speakers including entrepreneur, author, CEO and start-up visionary Lisa Messenger; internationally accredited yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness practitioner and blogger Melli O’Brien, and award-winning filmmaker, author and global environmental strategist Christina Stevens. They join forces with such luminaries of the wellbeing industry as health and wellness ambassador Therese Kerr, celebrity psychic Harry T, soul whisperer Alana Fairchild, healthy living advocate and founder of Nick Knows Food ProGrams Nick Coli, spiritual healer Shakti Durga, international wealth coach Alisse Bradley and more than 100 exhibitors to provide everything needed for the nourishment of both body and soul. The festival was developed as a personal retreat focusing on the core life qualities of mind, spirit and body in which people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures can come together to explore fresh options for self-empowerment while being encouraged to discover who they truly are and what they want from life in a non-judgemental environment. Throughout the three days, festival attendees can take part in more than 100 workshops, seminars, presentations and exhibitions while enjoying lively entertainment, supporting the Our Big Kitchen charity or simply relaxing in the meditation room or dreamcatcher area. Festival founder and organiser Rosie Shalhoub says the event was created to bring together like-minded people who share strong spiritual values and a desire to nourish their souls.
“The Festival of Dreams is a chance to take time out for yourself and embrace new opportunities to be the best person you can possibly be. Sometimes we get so caught up with what other people want from us or what they think we should be doing, or we just forget to put ourselves first in the chaos of daily life when there are so many outside forces demanding our attention and that distracts us from looking after ourselves. At the festival you can make yourself a priority in a judgement-free zone and work on your own wellbeing, personal understanding and, from that, determine to become the best you can be and live your dream life.”


The Festival of Dreams is being held from Friday, October 7 to Sunday, October 9 at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion in the Moore Park Entertainment Quarter. The festival is open from 10am to 6pm daily and general admission one-day adult tickets are $25 at the door and $20 online. A two-day pass is $40 (door) or $30 (online) and a three-day pass is $55 (door) or $45 (online). Children under 12 are free. All seminars and workshops, talks and presentations within the festival are free. There is also a special ticketed main event on Saturday, October 8 from 6pm featuring Lisa Messenger, Melli O’Brien and Therese Kerr and. Tickets are $75 early bird (purchased before August 26) or $89 full price and include free entry into the Festival of Dreams on the day of October 8. This year the festival will boast an extra show on the Friday night focusing on the ideology of Embracing the Divine Feminine. The line-up of speakers includes TV presenter and women’s advocate Nikki Vincent, Alana Fairchild and Christina Stevens. Tickets are $55 and includes free entry into the Festival of Dreams on the day of October 7. Click here to purchase your tickets! Further information on the festival is at www.festivalofdreams.com.au

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