Festival of Dreams

Growing up the eldest child of 5, I learnt at a very young age how to share. I had to share my toys, share my clothes , share my bedroom and God forbid, I even had to share my parents! So you see, sharing became a natural part of my world, and there is nothing more I would like to share with you today – my dream!

We all have dreams, and I know dreaming was always such a natural place for me to be in. Even looking back at old school reports my teachers would always say that I was a “daydreamer”, and to this day I’m glad I didn’t stop the dreaming. I made dreaming a living, and now the dream is very much alive.

The FESTIVAL OF DREAMS literally came to me in my dreams. Some of my best decisions would be in my dream state, where a woman dressed in modern clothing yet with the energy of Mother Mary would visit me and give me my ideas and inspirations. I have never known her name, I don’t know where she comes from but I know that she is there and she has never let me down. She reminds me of my own Tinkerbell Fairy who only came to visit Peter Pan in that state of half dreaming and half awake. I have realised that is the place where most of my magic comes alive.

An event of this size cannot come without the thanks of so many Dreamer’s who have worked hard at our Dream Headquarter’s for the past 12 months and who have believed and supported the dream as much as I have. They say that when you are on the right path that everything else follows through with grace and ease. This too is the case with the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS and the right people have come into my life at the right time when I needed them the most. Nothing has been hard putting this festival together.

I would like to say in no particular order a heartfelt THANK YOU to my Dream Team: Our Creative Director with the biggest dreams Adriana Cortazzo, Our Social Media Queen Dianne Masri, Our Account Manager Angel Michelle Shalhoub, Our Office Administration Angel Anita Pirillo , Our psychic co-ordinator extraordinaire Margaret Ferreira, and our wonderful friend Gary Hunter our web designer.

My girls at Embrace Angelina, Effie, Lara, Yvonne and Maree who have run the show at our beautiful store in Westfield Miranda. My parents Mike and Ann for their devoted love to their grandchildren (aka my babysitters), and my sister’s Sarah, Stacey & Brady who became substitute mother’s when I needed last minute sleep over’s for my children. My best friend Harry (some of you know him as Harry T), for constantly reminding me how beautiful I am and for playing an integral part of this event.

A big THANK YOU TO the biggest loves of my life.. My 8 year old twins Joseph and Eliane and my partner Ross. My children have been my driving force and Ross has been my biggest supporter and my biggest fan. His love for me and my dream has brought this to a reality today.

And lastly, a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to our exhibitors, presenter’s and psychics. Without these guys there would be no show, and I feel grateful that I can truly say that we have gathered together the “crème de la crème” of our industry! We asked for the right people who work with integrity and ethics to come forward and deliver to you a magical weekend and I am proud of all of our Dreamer’s. I have truly formed a special friendship with each and every one of our exhibitors, and I cherish the value they have all brought into my life.

And so it is that today I welcome you with an open heart and open arms to the FESTIVAL OF DREAMS. Enjoy your journey and please stop and say “hi”. Our world changes with us so lets all be kind to each other!

I send you all my love and deepest gratitude,

Rosie xxx

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