Focus Pocus – 5 of the best Crystals for a strong mind.

There are several cognitive exercises recommended by psychologists and physicians to strengthen our mental capacity, but many of us are unable to find the time and/or the motivation to do them. Absent-mindedness has become a huge problem in todays on the ‘go.. go.. go..” world, causing a rise in things like overthinking, stress, anxiety and foggy and unclear minds. We have all been here, dare I say most of us are here a hell of a lot.

Crystals provide people with an alternative solution that does not require engaging in rigorous activities to shift chaos and mindlessness into calm mindfulness. Alternative medicals and therapists may recommend engaging in crystal connection and/or meditation to retain attention, focus, and memory. In the following notes, you will find some of the best crystals for a healthy and clear functioning mind.

Here we go……

  1. Sodalite

Sodalite is known as the “Student’s Stone”.

If you are taking an important class and you need good results by the end of the term, for example, you are recommended to keep one of these within reach or on you. This is because this stone improves your focus and memory, and in addition to that, it also aids in organisational skills, in prioritising, and in improving progress.

Sodalite also enhances one’s intuition and perception, lighting a clearer path to the road ahead. Owning a piece of sodalite can maintain mental calmness, focus, and help us in times when staying present and alert is a struggle.

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  1. Clear quartz

Ancient civilizations have used this powerful healing crystal for many, many years. Known for its ability to increase the energy of other gemstones, clear quartz also provides and energy charge for individuals, while inviting harmony and clarity as clear as the crystal itself. By keeping thoughts organized and the mental balance in check, clear Quartz helps keep you from the all too familiar distractions we find ourselves deterred by today.

Those in need of highly focused attention can benefit from clear quartz for a lifetime. Shooshing the mental chatter that blocks your mind from being excessively attentive, this master healer can increase your ability to stick with the task at hand. Alongside this, clear quartz can help retain information for a longer time and meet your deadlines.

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  1. Fluorite

Fluorite crystal is best for increasing your aptitude as well as clearing your judgment. Ranking number one on many sites as the best stone for maintaining focus, Fluorite is believed to ring order to mental chaos.

Fluorite improves concentration levels, strengthening our mental abilities while removing anything that is blocking our mental capacity and creative flow.

Since these blocks are often the cause of low focus, fluorites can come to your rescue. These stones can clear obstacles that are hindering your ability to reach your full potential. Bringing a sense of calm in stressful situations, you will be able to perform at your optimal level when you are in the company of fluorite.

Rainbow Fluorite Slice

  1. Zoisite

Zoisite is believed to be the best crystal for bringing individuals out of the stale state of idleness. Zoisite does this by invoking motivation and helping us get ‘back in the game’.  Helping us gain back our ability to pay attention to goals and objectives, this gem awakens creativity, diffuses feelings of fog and anger, and brings your mind back to what drives you to do well and to what tasks bring you joy.

Once you have your objectives land goals are aligned, Zoisite takes you to individuality, concentration, motivation, and a better sense of confidence and “I can”.

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  1. Malachite

Mental fatigue commonly goes hand in hand with emotional exhaustion, or rather one commonly creates the other. Malachite helps us take tend to this by stimulating the heart chakra. Using this crystal during meditation, you will be able to identify problems, sit with them with peace and clarity and discover solutions moving forward. Once patterns, obstacles and /or problems are recognised, malachite calls in your willpower to walk steadfast into a space of removing and fixing.

Malachite makes us more efficient and alleviates procrastination, binging to the forefront our ability to see the importance of self-care and to action it.

Known as the crystal of transformation, malachite brings intense energy and shifts your focus onto self-growth. It helps us release pent up emotional and mental baggage, freeing our energy up so that our ability to manifest our life goals, ambitions and desires is at its best.

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Using these crystals for Focus

After reading through your choices and viewing pictures of these earthly jewels (please note that these are not your only choices, they just happen to be the ones that I have found worked best for both myself and Embrace clients over the years), we suggest that you start with one that resonates most with your gut. This could be due to colour or the information about the crystal. There is really no need to look too heavily into the why when it comes to the crystal/crystals you are drawn to, it is simply a matter of trusting the one that “calls you”. Crystals are best utilised on the skin, meaning that you hold it or wear it for the best results. Due to this I often purchase jewellery or a piece that I can comfortably grasp in my hands to sit with when I am taking some much needed ‘me time’. This is not to suggest that having it by your bedside or a piece within your home wont help, it is just more efficient when in direct contact. The other little nugget of wisdom here, is intention.

Be aware of the properties of your crystal, be aware of what you wish to get from your connection with your crystal and set your intention with crystal in hand.


“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer


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