Oh you sexy thang … The crystal you probably didn’t know you needed

Did you know that garnet is known to heal and enhance physical relationships, to stimulate the mind body connection and to inspire and ignite our “bedroom” life (wink, wink/ nudge, nudge)? I’m betting many of you did not…but this is a true story folks. This amazing rock is noted as helping you get your “rocks off ”

A little history…

The gorgeous Garnet has a long history, so much so that we even have artifacts dating back to the bronze age. To give a little perspective here, because I had to check this out myself as well, the bronze age began in 2000 BC! (Holy Moly).  Garnet has also been used by royalty for thousands of years. It was worn by Egyptian Pharaohs who prized them that much that they would have them packed away in their graves with them when they passed. Another fact that struck me was that it’s noted as being one of the stones covering the “anointed cherub”, which most scholars believe is in reference to Satan before his fall from heaven.

 In Jewish tradition, it has been said that Noah took the garnet onto the ark as a source of light. During the flood neither the sun or the moon was there to provide light, so he used the stone that “shone more brilliantly by night than by day", and in turn, Noah was also able determine the days from the nights on that journey.

In the middle ages, people believed that dragons had eyes made of garnet and that this red gem granted protection and healing to the persons wearing it. This belief was held so high, that during crusades Garnet was worn by both Christian and Muslim warriors.

Folklore places Garnet as one of the most ancient Talismans and also links the red gem to the Fires of Olympus. It has been associated with protection, heat, passion, pleasure and sex for the longest time to date.

The Stone of Sensuality and Sexuality

Garnet is a stone of sexual attraction and intimacy. It is said to increase metabolism, libido and self confidence. Metabolism and libido are obvious plus’s here, but let’s face it, the more confident we are in ourselves and our skin, the more likely we are to own and play out our deepest desires and needs. Good buddies with the Kundalini energy, Garnet enhances sexual potency, physical love and the overall relationship and connection with our partner. Since Garnet is connected with the root chakra, it helps you to feel grounded, secure, protected and safe. It alleviates feelings of fear, anxiety and worry so that you feel firmly footed, balanced and connected to yourself in each present moment. Balancing our sex drive and relieving emotional disharmony and/ or depression, Red Garnet stimulates a truth within ourselves of what we want and who we are as sensual, physical beings. This pushes us to leave the conservative expectations of others, and the facades we play behind, while we walk into a space of ownership and our honest, almighty power as individuals. Boy oh boy, what a stone!

I have never professed that crystals work miracles. In my opinion, we do the miracle working ourselves with the help of these precious jewels. Like a band aid on a cut, crystals help with our inner wounds and problems and heal different aspects depending on the stone.

In this case, Garnet helps us with such a gift. Our passion, our sex life, our needs and owning what they are. And if you are of the notion that this is not vital to a long lasting coupling and also to the overall health of your body, mind and soul then I suggest you do some research.

The blatant truth here is that we all need sex, orgasms, a sense of desire and being desired, a confidence and knowing in who we are as physical creatures, alongside the awareness of the power we each have to live out our possibilities around all of this not to just dream or fantasise of them.

From insecurities, stale relationships and affairs to the stigma around sex and self pleasure (yes I am talking about the M word lol) Garnet reminds us of the importance of passionate relationships, of commitment , of personal power and of self truth.

Garnet does steer off this topic into other aids as well, it helps with menopause, the kidneys and can also be known as the stone of success. But for the purpose of this little article I wanted to focus on what it does for our “private lives”. We as humans are a lot more open these days about our sexuality in a lot of ways but this has also come at a cost. Affairs are at an all time high, divorce rates are through the roof and many are just plain bored and living in  mediocre land with their plus ones. Platforms like Instagram and FaceBook send eyes wandering and creates a false sense of reality and even perhaps a longing for what everyone else seems to have. We also have things like tinder and bumble that are literally at our fingertips, there are sites for married men and women who want to cheat and for heterosexual people who want to get physical with the same sex.  While there is nothing wrong with owning what you want and desire there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. Monogamy isn’t for everyone, and a long list of conventional ideals follow suit here. But we can own it and stand true within ourselves. We don’t need to declare it or even share these aspects of self with others, but the ability to get aware and to embrace these things where it matters is a fundamental part of life. Desiring and feeling desired is said to be necessary to holding a long lasting, loyal and happy relationship. Desire and being desired leads to things like a confidence boost to both parties, more affection and shag time, this in turn leads to better connection and sense of togetherness and that in turn leads to more confidence, affection and shag time. It’s a wonderful cycle that creates a space for authenticity, pleasure, security and a love that can be refreshed when things get stale. (and they do. It’s just a part of life.)

No matter your sexual orientation, your fantasies or your views on commitment and monogamy, one of Garnets gifts is to remind us that these things in their entirety are ok, and that we are free to explore these aspects of ourselves. There is so much power in truth, in pleasure, in passion and the feeling of fulfilment. We all have a fire in our bellies and the way to ignite it is different for everyone, but one thing is the same for each of us….. when it’s alight there is no hiding it’s beauty. We truly do shine from the inside out.





Ways to use Garnet:


  • Wear it as pendant near your heart
  • Keep it in your bedroom
  • Have a Garnet close and handy to provide greater self-confidence.
  • Meditate with a small piece on your lower abdomen
  • Keep a piece with you in your pocket




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