Psychic Abilities and how they work

There are six main types of psychic abilities which we always call "clairs" and knowing how they work is something you should know if you are interested in all sorts of psychic phenomenon.

Did you know that you can receive psychic messages in many different ways. You can compare it to getting physical messages in different formats such as a phone call, a text message, an email, a fax. Either way, you will still receive the message. It is the same as the delivery of psychic messages and they can come in different forms.

There are four major ways this can happen through the "clairs" - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance. There are also two less common intuitive abilities "clairalience" and "clairgustance".

The Four Major Intuitive Abilities

1. Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing

The best way to describe clairvoyance is if you were watching a movie inside your head. I know when I am in the clairvoyance channel I can see almost everything unfolding in front of my eyes and everything else seems to disappear. The vision is very, very clear and can be a total premonition.

Sometimes, it is not as clear as seeing the whole movie. Sometimes it could be just a symbol or a colour or even a letter of the alphabet that the clairvoyant may see. It is the job of the clairvoyant to then unravel the riddle of the symbols and best deliver it to their client.

You may have heard the terms third eye, psychic vision or even psychic eye which are other terms sometimes used to describe someone who is clairvoyant.

2. Clairsentience - A Clear Feeling

Clairsentience is when a person has the ability to receive very clear messages through their feelings, their emotions or even through physical sensations. Empathy or you may have heard the word "empath" is a very common form of clairsentience.

It is easy to see if you use the gift of clairsentience simply by observing how you feel after being around different people. If you are an empath you can feel the feelings of others around you. For example, if they are sad, happy, angry, ecstatic you can feel those emotions too. You may also feel drained and exhausted or your mood may change suddenly when you have been around someone too long. I know myself, I find it very difficult to watch the news or hear anything that is sad. I sometimes even feel the physical ailments of others and come home from Embrace sometimes with headaches that do not even belong to me!

You may have heard other words for clairsentience such as empath, spiritual empath or intuitive empath.

3. Clairaudience - Clear Hearing

Clairaudience is another way of "hearing" messages without using your physical ears. It's that inner voice inside you that you actually hear. For me, sometimes it comes in the voice of my grandmother who has passed and even though I cannot hear her like I could hear you, I hear her voice deep inside my head. Sounds weird I know, but there is really no other way to describe it.

Sometimes it can be heard in sounds, music or spirit guides. Usually the words are clear and names can even be heard.

4. Claircognizance - Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is the ability to know something without any facts, logic or proof. It is almost like a very clear knowing and a very clear gut feeling to go with it.

Most of the times claircognizant feelings can be very strong and sometimes they can come in the forms of intuitive thoughts that have just randomly popped into your head.

Less Common Intuitive Abilities

1. Clairalience - Clear Smelling

Clairalience is the ability to be able to smell things that are not physciall there. For example, you may smell the perfume of a loved one, or the cigar of a grand father who has passed.

It is common at times for a person who has passed to allow you smell a familiar smell to let you know that they are around.

There have been times when I can't hear my grandmothers voice but I sure can smell her perfume and it a way that she can assure me she is still around.

2. Clairgustance - Clear Tasting

Clairgustance is a very less common form of psychic phenomenon. Personally I have never experience it, but I know colleagues who have. They have described it to me as tasting something without actually having something in their mouth.

Spirit can come through to a medium by developing a particular taste in their mouth. If a person in spirit liked ice cream then the medium may taste ice cream.

I think this is great way of tasting without putting on any calories!

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