Psychic Attack - Is there really anything to worry about?

The most popular words that come out of any light workers mouth these days are "psychic attack". But what is it really and does it really work? So let's look at this so called experience in detail.

What is Psychic Attack? 

Firstly let's ask ourselves what is psychic attack? In layman's terms it is said to be when a person or a dark entity (which is not physical) causes you physical or emotional harm. They apparently can do this by invading your thoughts an energy field.
In the physcial world in which we live, when we feel unsafe we can do things to make us feel safer. Things such as locking our doors, putting on our alarms, having someone walk with us etc etc. However, the thought of someone being able to attack us energetically is extremely frightening because it is something we cannot see and we do not know when it is actually happening. A note from Rosie: I get extremely concerned and bothered when I hear more and more people buying into this illusion. What is worse is a common conversation amongst other psychics, light workers and mediums who strongly believe that this a common attack and something that is widespread. I however, do not believe this or buy into this for one minute! There are so many books written and dedicated to this whole subject of psychic protection and how to protect yourself if you are under psychic attack. It surprises me how many people believe in this stuff and that they can spend so much money on protecting themselves on something that doesn't exist in the first place. They say that if you are under a so -called psychic attack then you will suffer from fatigue, can't think clearly, depression, mood swings, illness, the list goes on. I truly believe that you can get these symptoms from just about any causes and we really need to be practical here also. As an example, every time I work at Embrace I come home exhausted and in pain. Let's just face the facts... I get up early to go to work, I am on my feet all day, we are always run of our feet once we get into the shop and by the end of the day from standing up for hours on end my feet our hurting. Does that sound like a psychic attack to you or does it sound quite practical that under those circumstances I will naturally be tired and exhausted. It makes me furious when someone will say "Oh, you must be under psychic attack". Noooooo, I have been on my feet all day on a hard floor and I just haven't stopped without a lunch break or time to sit down!!! It really worries me that people might notice the so-called "warning signs" and straight away jump to the conclusion that there is something more sinister about it. Do you know where I am going with this? Yep, that is right, it leaves people falling victim and prey to psychic scams, and trust me, there are billions of them out there. We will go more into this in another post at another time. Is there something you should worry about? The answer is simple "NO". Plain and simple. However, just like the old pointing stick in Aboriginal culture where the expectation that death would result from having a bone pointed at the victim and then the victim dies is the same concept in my view as psychic attack. If you believe it will happen well then it will!! Let's look at a few factors here: 1.Intention- Your intentions should always be to work with the light whether you are working in this psychic field or living your everyday life. Therefore, it is important to set the intention that everything you do is for the highest good of all involved. 2. Your Guardians - You have a whole spiritual team that works with you everyday including your Spirit Guides, your Angels, Ascended Masters plus more. Their job is to look after you and basically keep you out of trouble. They will never ever allow a negative energies to attach themselves to you. I believe in my "guys" so strongly that I know from the core of my gut that I am always and forever strongly protected.

Is Psychic Attack Possible?

In other words, can other people attack you energetically? I really, truly, deeply do not believe that another person can harm or attack you energetically through your energetic field unless you give them permission to. It's as simple as that. And if you give them permission to , then you automatically believe your under attack and then guess what? You have brought the attack upon yourself. It is as simple as that once again. Even though someone like myself who is extremely empathic can feel drained or tired after being around lots of people, this is not what we call psychic attack. We can talk about this in another post and how empaths can use special strategies to keep their energy levels up. Sometimes it's just a matter of putting up some personal boundaries on people and just learning to say "no". Rosie's Final say on Psychic Attack Let's just put it this way... if you believe in it then you will attract something that doesnt really exist in the first place and subconsciously create for yourself a whole heap of worries that didn't need to be there in the first place. Here are a few handy tips to get you through your day: * Always set the intention by raising your vibration that you are here on this planet as a light worker and that what you do through every thought, action, and word is for the higher good of yourself and those around you. * Surround yourself with white light everyday and don't forget to seal that light with three gold hoops. Remember how the moths like the light well you don't want the moths surrounding you as you go out into your daily life, so seal yourself off to add an extra layer of protection. * Raise your vibration, be happy and eliminate all negative emotions that vibrate at a lower frequency. That may just include certain people in your life too!! Having good feeling thoughts will keep your vibration up and allowing magical synchronicities into your life.

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