How to tell your child is psychic in 10 easy steps

How to tell your child is psychic in 10 easy steps

I really have to admit but Embrace has built it's business on children. They love our shop and I truly love them. They are inquisitive, cute, non-judgemental, pure and most of all they believe in magic. I get asked all the time by parents on how to tell if their child is psychic or how do they know if their child is psychic. I guess the fact that you have even asked this question tells me something to think that perhaps your child does have a spiritual gift. I have put together 10 things that I have found really fit the bill when working out if a child is psychic or not. I have also gone back to my very own childhood which was abundant with imaginary friends, fairy magic and things that went bump in the night. I have even taken a few notes from my 10 year old twins who are both extremely psychic and are very comfortable about being so. Obviously, your child doesn't have to possess ALL of the points I mention below so don't be disheartened if they don't possess them all. I have made this article very brief to give you an overall sense of psychic children. So much has been written on the subject and if you want to find out more don't forget at Embrace we sell loads of books on the subject. In the meantime, enjoy my post. 1. Sensitive Plain and simple psychic children are very sensitive to other people's energy. You will find this is the case because they are empaths and it is easy for them to pick up and feel every emotion negative and positive from other's. I remember as a child I would either like someone or I would not. I could not explain it to my parents and there were certain places I just could not be in. I would feel happy and sad emotions just as equally and would get funny feelings about someone that always turned out to be right. 2. Sensitive to their surroundings I was and still is super sensitive to my environment and because spiritually gifted children feel energy so strongly they too can be super sensitive. You will find they can get overwhelmed very quickly by loud noises or lots of people. They can even find everyday noises such as the television too much for them. Remember what I said in point 1 about being sensitive to certain surroundings when I was a child. You will find the same with your psychic child too. psychic-children-are-everywhere3. Psychic children have really good instincts about people and places Nobody was ever able to fool me as a child and you will find that nobody will be able to do the same for your psychic child either. It is hard to explain but I was at a very young age almost able to see right through people and look right inside to their soul to see who they truly were. It helped as I could see aura's but not every psychic can see aura's. Your psychic child will always know when someone is lying to them or not being genuine or sincere. They will feel the same in certain situations. A gifted child will always know when something is not right not matter how much you tell them that everything is fine and in perfect order. You just can't fool them. 4. Your gifted child has imaginary friends * Spiritual Figures: Many psychic children will have spiritual figures they talk about. I used to talk to Jesus every single day as if he was in the room with me. In fact, coming to think about it, He really was in the room with me. You will find however, that your child will be drawn to a spiritual figure that they are accustomed to. If you are Christian then it would be Jesus, if you are Hindu it could be Ganesha, Islamic would be Allah or the Prophet Mohammed and Jewish could be Yahweh or Buddha if you are Buddhist. The Ascended Masters can work as Spirit Guides to children so you can relax knowing your child is in very good hands! * Imaginary Friends Did you know that the imaginary friend your son or daughter is having a good old chat with is possibly their very own Spirit Guide? A Spirit Guide is a very loving being that we all have and they assist us on our journey through life. I used to have loads of imaginary friends but they were real to me. I even remember so clearly the day by grandfather got very upset with me because he told me to stop talking to myself. My dear old pop, we would argue and argue because obviously I wasn't talking to myself. My friends would even tell me things about what was going to happen and then I would shock everyone when I reported back the news way before it all happened. My beautiful 3 year old niece who is one of the love's of my life has an imaginary friend named Ella. We only sat down last week and I asked her lots and lots of questions about Ella who lives in the sky. Saskia told me that the only way I could meet Ella is if I come with her in her dreams. I told her to wait for me that night and we will go flying . It is very OK to ask your child questions about their imaginary friends such as their name, where they came from and what they look like. Your child will be more than happy to tell you everything if you stay open and receptive. * Loved Ones who have Passed You will find your intuitive child will talk about loved ones who have passed away. They will even have conversations with them. I was about 8 years old when my great-grandmother died. I was 10 years old when she would come visit me and we would have a good old chat. Even as I write this I can feel my great-grandmother's presence around me and I can even smell her cigarettes! I have heard lot's of stories from customers at Embrace who have told me about their psychic child who sometimes sit in bed and laugh and talk to themselves but we all know they are really not alone. 5. Past Life Recall Sometimes your child may have memories of their past life. The conversation could go something like this.. "I remember when I lived there" or "I remember being your mother". When I was doing my High School Certificate one of my assignments for art class was to do a study of a well known artist. I took my mother with me to the Art Gallery of Sydney and also my little brother who is now 33 but was then only 4. We came across a massive painting by an artist whose name I have well and truly forgotten. The painting was of a gladiator killing a lion with the spear through the lion's neck and the gladiator raising his arm in victory with his foot on the lion's body. It was a gruesome painting. My then little brother who is not so little anymore told us that he remembered doing that. Obviously my mother and I had no idea what he was talking about and once again he repeated himself saying "I remember doing that. I was there" all the while pointing at the painting and going into a long in depth conversation about how he went on to slaughter the lion. My mother and I looked at each other in shock because his details were too scarily accurate for a four year old to make up. 6. Loves animals Psychic children just love animals and they have a special connection to them. Gifted kids are drawn to the energy of animals because they exude unconditional love and purity. Just think of a little puppy or kitten and you can't imagine anything cuter? 7. Loving and Compassionate You will find that even though all children are perfect in their own ways, psychic children are just that tad more loving, kind and compassionate. Your child will be the one that people gravitate towards and feel good having around. Your child will make people feel good and ask lots and lots of very inquisitive questions. These are the kids that are a joy to have around and sometimes even become the teacher's pet. 8. Psychic kids always like to be at home OMG I remember how clearly I drove my parents mad because I wanted to always stay at home and never ever go to school. This wasn't the average normal primary schooler who doesn't want to go to school. This was the child who was way too sensitive for her surroundings and having to spend time with lots of kids in one room with loads of noise was just way too much for me. Don't get me wrong, I loved my friends and I had a lot of them, but all day was just too much. I needed my security that home gave me and you will find that your psychic child will be the same too. It is sad that a lot of psychic kids get labelled these days with ADD or ADHD. My 10 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8. Little do the doctors know he is an extremely psychic child who finds his surroundings just way too much for his sensitive little body to handle. Joseph, however, likes to go to school but he prefers to play with the quieter kids in his class. My daughter on the other hand Joseph's twin, doesn't like school but that's another story for another day :) Just a handy tip for your school child: We have always been in the habit since pre-school days that when the kids come home from school they jump straight into the shower. This gives them a chance to wash off any excess energy they may have accumulated around them and get comfy into the pyjama's before the night comes on. 9. Sleeping Issues My twins just didn't sleep full stop! Ten years later not a lot has changed. I can't blame them. The things that go bump in the night can be very scary for a child and they can start to experience vivid dreams and nightmares. Most of my childhood was spent awake though the night as I was still too young to understand what was going on around me. The voices I could hear, the spirits I could see and the things I could feel. It was very scary times for a child and now as an adult those things are just a part of my daily everyday life. However, I have learnt to hush the voices when I'm trying to sleep and tell them to come back when I can give them more attention. 10. Psychic kids are creative There is no question about it, but psychic kids are creative through and through. Since creative expression such as art is a right brain activity where our intuition functions it is no surprise that these kids just love doing anything crafty. I was never ever a left brain child, always had a crayon of some colour in my hand and always writing lots and lots of imaginative stories. You will find your psychic child likes to make up stories and they have a great imagination.

How you as a parent can support your psychic child:

* I think one of the most important thing is to always give your children the benefit of the doubt and honour their feelings. Never ever brush of their feelings as being in their head or in their imaginations. I would absolutely hate it when my parents would tell me that there was "nothing" there or that is was all in my head. * All children whether psychic or not should always be encouraged to trust their "gut" feelings and listen to their intuition. I tell my kids its that quite little voice they can hear inside of them. *Educate yourself as much as you can as the parent of a psychic child. We sell so many books on psychic children and one of my favourites is from my very good friend Scott Alexander King "Indigo Children and Cheeky Monkeys". Did you know: that there are more and more spiritually gifted children being born these days. This is no accident as the world is needing to wake up and our children are helping us to do so. These are the kids that will lead the way into the future as they are becoming more connected to the Divine. This is the first time in the history of humans as we know it where the children are leading the way. Handy Tip: Your intuitive child will need time to themselves to recharge every day so don't be alarmed if they just need some alone time. Allowing some relaxing music to play, meditations for kids and writing and colouring can help them feel more relaxed and settled and grounded. Don't forget that all kids need physical activity too to help them relieve excess energy. One last word: Enjoy every bit of your psychic child. Like all children they are a delight and a blessing in your life. Your gifted child however, will teach you a lot of things about life and you will be forever grateful. Now, if only there were more articles written about this back in 1967.... Love Rosie xx