The Lockdown Funk

When times are shitty and I get the good old “look on the bright side” or “grab those lemons and make lemonade” comments from my nearest and dearest, my first reaction is to roll my eyes and telepathically throw a punch or two. When times are shitty, sometimes all you need and all you want to do is sit in it for a while.  But 14 days my friends, and however long if lockdown continues, is simply too long to be sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves, declaring boredom or stressing about the bank account.

It’s been 5 days of lockdown so far, so I think that’s enough of the Bullshit and it’s time for the good shit. (pardon my French during this blog… although I can’t guarantee I’m done with the language just yet)

Covid 19 craziness is upon us again and dare I say this will not be the last lockdown we experience. While I have my own views on Covid, the various new “strains” and the lockdowns, I will keep those to myself at this point and concentrate on something more important…. Our sanity, our well being and how we can improve both at this time, rather than allow the next 9 or more days to drag us further down the negative hole that’s waving a big f%ck you at us all.

Soon enough we will be back at work, earning $$, socializing with friends and family and getting outside for more than just a quick jog around the block. So, while we are homebound, what can we do to feed our souls, to nourish our minds and to enter the end of lockdown better then we were when it began??

I thought it wise today to make some suggestions because I’m done sinking my teeth into the sour lemons…. it’s time to make lemonade folks! And even with kids in tow in a small space and the crappy weather outside, I am determined to make the next however long work for me, not against me and I’d like you to do the same 😊

  • Shock Horror!! Number one is 10 mins of meditation every day….

Image result for meditate qith kids

I have two children under the age of 5, my partner is still working, and I am working from home, so if I can gift myself 10 minutes then so can you!! It can be complete silence, I chose to you tube a mantra that suits the vibe for that day and I play that …… others may decide guided works best. Take your pick and be still for 10 mins. Clear the clutter, clear the stresses, clear the anxiousness and uncertainties and just be with your mind for 10 short minutes. It’ll shift so much for you, but don’t just take my word for…. Here’s a link below with the proven benefits of this practice and it’s worth the read! I have also attached a link to some items that may be helpful to use during your practice. There is a fair bit to look at, but let’s face it where are you off to atm??, and a little online shopping can be therapeutic too lol.

How 10 Minutes of Meditation Can Greatly Benefit You - TrustedBody

Search: 10 results found for "meditation" – embrace-australia (     


  • Clear the clutter! If you haven’t used it or worn it in 6 months then gift it to charity…. your trash is someone else’s treasure

Image result for decultter donate

There is something therapeutic about cleaning out your wardrobe, your kitchen, your linen cupboard and those drawers where everything randomly goes. You know…. the ones that we use when your place is a shit fight and we need to quickly tidy up and put bits and bobs somewhere?? We all have at least one of those. I think I have about 3 but anyhoo….

Less is truly more when it comes to our homes. Less to dust, less to clean, less to think about and more time to spend surrounded by the things that matter and that are actually of use.

A great link to back this and show you just how much decluttering helps not only our space, but our minds is this one The Minimalists

These guys have a Netflix Documentary that I watched and sincerely recommend to anyone wanting to make positive changes. I have applied a lot of their strategies and the difference has been incredible. This process is a perfect one for lockdown as it requires no one but yourself (or others can join the cause), you need to be home and you need time ….. winner, winner, chicken dinner!


  • Sage 

Image result for sage cleansing

If you want to know how to do this then visit a previous blog of ours (I have attached the link)

In with the good sh*t & out with the bullsh#t. Smudging 101 – embrace-australia (

Cleansing your space, your aura and the energy around you is always a great way to ‘click the refresh button’. My recommendation would be to do this after the decluttering to consummate the process and the new vibe of your home.

Sageing clears the energy that is stale and stagnant around you and the process can be very clearing on our minds and emotions as well, especially if there has been unease, drama or stress inside the home. Sageing prompts you to be present with those situations and to intentionally clear them, and like I always say…” intention is everything.”  


  • Learn how to play a Tibetan singing bowl.

 Image result for playing the tibetan singing bowl

The use of Tibetan singing bowls can be traced back to the time of the Buddha, 560-480 B.C. The very first recollection of the use of singing bowls in Tibet was in the 8th century AD, so basically a gazillion moons ago!

 Made from pure copper, the first singing bowls were used for healing, musical and medicinal purposes and is used for those purposes and more over the years and up till now. From meditation and yoga practices to temples and spiritual ceremonies, these magnificent instruments have grown in popularity and in their uses over time. Another use is waking up the energy around and within us. This is something I am currently working on mastering with my little humans in tow who love giving it a good go as well. It gives us all some downtime, something to focus on and learn and it’s so magical for the soul when it’s played correctly.

There are loads you tube clips on how to help you master the Tibetan Singing bowl and it truly is something you can use in any of your body and /or soul practices each day as an added aid or to simply play everymorning to wake up the energy that’s snoozing in your home.


Where can you get one of these gems?? Your journey starts here…


Search: 4 results found for "tibetan singing bowl" – embrace-australia (


There’s so much more we can do to take this time out as just that…time out!! I have listed a mere 4 here, and I picked these 4 because they are sustainable, inexpensive, nourishing for our souls and doable with others in the house. Mums and Dads of little ones in particular here, as I know all too well how tough it can be to get anything done in this case.

As much as I hope this Covid yoyo stops for us soon, I also hope that we can all shift our attitude towards the things we cannot change or control. It’s ok to feel fed up, defeated and bitter, in fact I encourage sitting with that if that’s the truth of it for you ….. so long as you put an expiration date on that crap, because time for you and yours is passing by and because it serves no one.


Stay safe ppl, stay sane, with a little side of crazy of course, …. and remember that we are all in this together!

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