The Magic of Moonstone


As prehistoric as the moon itself, Moonstone is a stone of true magic, mystery and wisdom. Behind her sheer pearly layer lies all of our truths, our secrets and the things that our hearts long for the most.  Moonstone is said to be, above all else, a “talisman of the inward journey”, working as an aid to retrieve and/or rediscover the self.  Working with such a stone helps reminds us of what is missing, of what parts of ourselves have been forgotten or set aside …… and then …. she helps us bring them into the ‘light of day’.  We have many lessons to learn from this exquisite crystal, and from these lessons comes pure growth.

Acquiring her name because of her moon like exterior, Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral with a soft, watery opaqueness and a silvery white reflection called chatoyancy that moves as a line across the surface as the light shifts. Moonstone can be found in soft shades of peach, blue, grey, white and a mix of all of those into one, known as Rainbow Moonstone.

Known way back when as the Travelers Stone, it was believed that Moonstone was especially protective of those who travelled at night when the moon was shining. Since the discovery of this gemstone however, it has held a very solid connection to the moon in more ways than just travel. Just like the moon orbits and works in rhythm with Mother Earth, Moonstone flows in cyclical precision with these tides as well, creating a space to positively influence our feelings and our behaviour. The human connection to the moon is both tangible and strong, and I think that sometimes we overlook and/or underestimate how this connections effects our reality. Moonstone helps us stay balanced and tranquil during such times as the full moon when we are often warned to be on guard for shifts and surprises. I find that wearing my moonstone pendant when the moon cycle is in full swing helps keep me both aware and grounded, therefore my ability to “go with” change or to clear what needs clearing is both effective and doable without losing my shit or creating a drama. (which happens all too often lol). I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked by partner if it’s a full moon because I’m moody, sensitive or simply picking a random fight. Moonstone’s superpower here is to help make transitions or whatever have you, peaceful and productive.

Moonstone has been used in Roman jewellery for close to two thousand years and was believed throughout Europe to help lovers reconcile, especially if they had parted ways in anger.  It also holds a sacred space regarding lovers in India, where Moonstone is traditionally given as a wedding gift. Moonstone has boded well in the area of love because it has the ability to pull ones heart back into a space of nurture, not only for others but for the self. It is said to be a great crystal to have around when new love is on the horizon, it stimulates desire by awakening our Kundalini energy and it is also known as the most effective stone for fertility.

Moonstone puts us in touch with our deeper emotions and gifts us a gentle presence within. I have referred to Moonstone as she a few times during my notes here, and that is because Moonstone is associated heavily with the feminine, helping to tune us into the emotional and intuitive spaces of our minds. This does not mean however that this crystal is not helpful for men. When it comes to masculinity, Moonstone helps men become more aware of their emotions and of the feelings of those around them. It helps create a sensitivity and vulnerability that is necessary for all human beings to have if positive relationships are to be apart of our lives.

Moonstone has been known since its beginning to bring calm and peace to the emotional body. The energy is one of balance and emotional mastery, watching us like a guardian and teacher, this wonderful mineral gifts us hope, she instils purity, and centres our ego by opening the mind and bringing in awareness. After all…. we cannot change or shift what we are not aware of and/or cannot see. 


A stone of the Gods and Goddesses, Moonstone allows us to tap into the worthiness that is often buried deep within us all. A worthiness that brings us a sense of confidence, self-knowing and purpose. Sadly, it is more common than not that such a sense is a foreign feeling, and we spend many, many moons (pun intended) looking outside of ourselves to find the very things that Moonstone can help us find within the self. Holding onto, wearing or displaying a slice of this precious stone on yourself or in the home, not only holds and emits positive frequencies, it also acts as an amulet that reminds us that the inward journey is the most important one we will ever embark on.


I wish you all steady, strong and charmed journeys! Do not underestimate the power of the moon, the magic of the moonstone and most importantly, never ever underestimate yourself!


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