Top 5 crystals to help remove negative energy

Crystals and Negative Energy

Have you ever been in a situation where you enter a place like your home or your room, and you start feeling tired, annoyed, or all of your energy gets drained out all of a sudden? When this becomes a part of daily routine, you feel stuck in the quicksand of negative energy. You’re trying to find out the solution to get rid of such situations and that led you here, looking for the crystal that removes the negative energy from your surroundings.

Humans are energy-driven beings


Human bodies are designed in such a way that they require energy to function. We are, in fact, the electrical beings − we have an electric cardiovascular system within our bodies.

Think about it from a biological perspective. Our heart, brain, muscles, and all organs are conductors of electricity. There’s a measurable amount of electrical charge on each healthy cell of our body.

We deal with many other sorts of energies that we are surrounded by. These external energies disturb our internal energy equilibrium and we start feeling tired and weak. We are surrounded by the unnatural EMFs sources including:

  • Cellular screens, TV, and Radio
  • Mobile Phone Towers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wi-Fi
  • 5G Signals

You need something else besides trying to minimize your EMF exposure because this negative energy spiral is very powerful and you need external assistance to fight against it. It is powerful enough to be the domino effect in your life and throw all your spiritual practices into the wind.

Well, I’ve got some effective to protect your body from negative energy and that is — Crystals. Crystals can help you get rid of this negative energy swamp.

Your body is entirely energy-driven and also interacts with many other external energies, whether it be solar, electrical, cosmic, gamma rays, microwaves, 5G, or Wi-Fi. There must be a way to maintain an energy balance around you. Crystals will help you by absorbing all the negative energies around you and you will feel fresh, energized, and lively again. Crystals can purify, neutralize, and transmute the energy you’re interacting with on daily basis.

Here I’ve enlisted 5 crystals that will help you escape from negative energy swirl around you.

1- Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective crystals to have around you. This crystal is scientifically proven to purify and transmute energies.

Because of its specific scientific properties like pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity which enable this crystal to form a strong electromagnetic filed by polarizing itself just like a battery and it can to protect from various EM frequencies emitted by devices around us.

Energetically grid your home, room, or office by placing Black Tourmaline in all the corners. This black tourmaline grid absorbs any harmful and negative energy and protects the room by creating a protective shield.

2- Smokey Quartz

This enchanting crystal is naturally exposed to gamma-rays released by numerous naturally decaying elements (radioactive elements like uranium. This amazing crystal absorbs all the radiations and directs them to the earth. It provides unlimited psychic protection too. It dissolves the negative energy fields caused by negative thoughts such as anger and hatred, before sending them to the earth.

3. Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is an intensive healing stone used for protection from negative energy. Black obsidian interestingly fractures just like a flint. The resulting sharp edges can be used for cutting through negative thoughts coming from lies, unresolved relationships, blockages, and other destructive habits.

Additionally, black obsidian is very useful for empaths. It can protect you from negative people, bully, or sense unwanted emotions from others, black obsidian will cut the links from such draining energies.

4- JET

Jet is an ancient fossilized wood, it has its own unique powers. This eye-catching stone possesses powerful grounding properties. It can help its user to escape from unhealthy attachments, grudges, and sorrows by disconnecting their energetic cords. It’s linked with the root chakra as it is actually derived from wood and is capable to ground negative energy, ease anxiety, clear the mind by reducing negative thoughts. This crystal also defends against depression. This should be your go-to stone when you’re around people who you don’t get along with. It is usually placed under the pillow to help sleep soundly.


Hematite stones create a protective shield around the body of the wearer. These stones are considered suitable for meditation because they can block out distractions and other focus disruptors. Crystals like hematite reflect negative thoughts, energies, and feelings to their source. This powerful stone can ease irrational fears, worries about survival, and feelings of insecurity.


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