Valentine’s Day! The taken, the single & the Crystal


On the 14th of February every year, we celebrate love…… we celebrate Saint Valentines Day! If you’re a girl you look forward to the roses and some wining and dining, and if you’re a dude…. well you are probably looking forward to a good old fashioned shag, let’s be honest. That is of course if you are taken. If you have a partner then this day is pretty typical each year. That’s not to insinuate that I am anti Valentines Day by the way, I’m all for a day to celebrate love, but I do think it could perhaps be ‘pitched’ differently.

I have been in relationships majority or my adult existence, (and, just to note, I do believe that this has stunted my growth as an individual somewhat, and I’m working on that), but my point is that I don’t remember if I ever spent the day of lurrrrve alone or how that would have played out for me re my feelings around it, and how I would have spent the day. Each year, though, there is inevitably amazing people in my life that do know that feeling and that are planning on how they will occupy theirs. I find that singleness during times like this doesn’t seem to perplex the men I know, but my lady friends find it tough, because it highlights the fact that they are “alone”. I can’t vouge for all men and women, I’m just going off what I have observed, I do believe however that Valentines Day throws “coupledom” in all of our faces and really markets the blessing of being with a romantic someone, while the many blessings of singledom are basically non-existent.

Cards in the shops read things like…” you complete me”, “you are the only one for me”, I only have eyes for you” and one of my faves “I don’t know what I’d do without you” (well, I’ll tell you what you’d do….. you’d survive, reflect, mend and move on. Voila).

I have a wonderful partner, but in no way does he complete me, he is the only one for me by choice and not because the worlds designed it so, while we are together I will send my loving gaze his way but he’s not the only sexy man on the planet and my eyes also know that, and I know what I would do without him but it doesn’t mean that I don’t hope for and envision our future together.

My point, because I always have one lol, is this. The meaning of love is “as endless as the ocean and as timeless as the tides”, so if Valentines Day is the Day of Love then cover it all, market it all. Advertise and celebrate love in it’s entirety and perhaps start with the most important and intimate love relationship in your life….the one you have with yours truly… yourself!

It’s kind of like the crystal of love….the beautiful Rose Quartz. Before I fell in love with crystals and studied them, I knew this as the “pink one”.

The Rose Quartz is bought and sold around the world to bring in a partner and to call in that relationship you’ve been craving. But what if I told you that the concept of a crystal doing that is actually bullshit?? No crystal, hocus pocus, nor any amount of energetic affirmation will bring you a partner. Them’s the breaks my dear. But what this gorgeous crystal, perhaps a little hocus pocus and some good old affirming can do is help you to fall in love with yourself.  

 There are many legends about Rose Quartz crystal and how it came into existence. According to one, Cupid, the Roman god of desire and affection, was said to have given Rose Quartz to the Earth as a gift of love, passion, and happiness for all. Then there is a Greek legend that entails a more tragic parable. According to this tale, Ares, the Greek god of war, came in the form of a boar to kill Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis. In trying to save Adonis, Aphrodite cut herself on a briar bush and their blood spilled, it came together over a Quartz crystal, staining the stone pink. 

Such myths have stuck with this beautiful stone and help cement our take on Rose Quartz and it’s link to romantic love. But, back to my statement on calling bullshit, here is what you need to know about this pink beauty.

Rose Quartz crystal supports you on a journey of healing the heart and soul. When this happens, you will be able to bring your hearts center back to its highest energetic frequency, back to it’s authentic space.... and in turn you will be ready to invite the right relationships in to compliment you (not ever to complete you, because you are already complete)

 As part of the healing process, the Rose Quartz crystal helps you to restore trust and vulnerability, two essential keys for moving ahead in the right direction. If you have been holding onto negativity from the past, this crystal can assist you in dissolving those dark feelings, allowing more room for feelings of unequivocal love. One of the most rewarding helping hands the Rose Quartz gifts us is the ability to accept past pains and the things we will never understand. This is huge because acceptance leads to peace and that peace leads to tranquil endings and amazing new beginnings for the self.

So much like Valentines Day, I think the Rose Quartz can be a tad misunderstood. Yes, sure it’s about love, sure having a partner is awesome, sure receiving gifts and having a shag is great (anyday of the week that’s a winner lol). But remembering to fall in love with yourself, and knowing without reservation that you are complete and that no one or thing is needed to make you whole is the greatest act of love there is.

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies and gents.... be sure to make it awesome!

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