Evil Eye Removal & Divination

Do you feel like bad luck has been following you everywhere you go? Can you feel the knives in your back, the green eyed monsters all around you and headaches that you just can't rid off? Then maybe you have the Evil Eye!  

Not only will Effie help remove the negativity that is all around you she will also guide you softly in what it is you need to do to keep it off. You will also receive a gentle, non-invasive healing to help restore harmony and balance to your mind, body and spirit.  

Effie also receives messages through spirit and when guided, use cards as a tool for divination. 

Read below to find out if an Evil Eye removal (Greek style) with Effie is what you need today...  

 Evil Eye Removal 

Negative energy is a force that can affect us more than we realise. The Evil Eye is the belief that a person can bestow bad luck onto another through the very gaze of their eyes, the words that they speak or the thoughts that they have. Such energy can leave the receiver feeling tired, sick or simply out of sorts. This energy is cleared through an ancient Greek ritual that lifts the Evil Eye, restoring positivity and equilibrium to the person affected. 

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