Palm Reader 

They say the future is written in your hands... and after you have a palm reading with Ric you will understand why! 

 Over the years Ric has read the palms of thousands of people from all walks of life. His long list of clients include Hollywood movie stars, celebrities, politicians, circus performers, lawyers, barristers, journalists, , tradespeople, housewives, writers and musicians, and the list goes on. He has conducted hundreds of workshops and is always fascinated by the power of the map and answers that each of our hands hold and how it can change the lives of the people he meets. Ric has appeared on radio, television and in magazines and newspapers such as Vogue and Good Weekend. He has written hundreds of newspaper columns and is the author of two books – Change your Life with Palmistry & the Power of your Mind. 

 Many many moons ago Ric told Embrace's founder Rosie that she would one day have a pigeon pair of twins and that the love of her life would come along on a white horse and sweep her away. Rosie did go on to have Joey & Ellie and her knight in shining armour came along in a ute instead of a white horse but hey, who is complaining?  

See what your palms have to say and we promise you won't be disappointed!

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