BLUE GOLDSTONE - The stone for ambition & motivation

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 Ambition. Motivation. Confidence


‘’Ambition is the path to success; persistence is the vehicle you arrive in’ .

 So you wanna be a rock star? Then let me take you to the highest heights and your biggest dreams. Together we have got this thing called life. Wisdom… check! Energy… check! Courage… check! Confidence…double check! Ambition… triple check! Motivation… I will cross those t’s and dot your I’s … check, check and check!

I am sold as 1 premium 20-25mm stone. Beautifully packaged in a small bag with an information card to tell you all about me.


Let’s talk…Because these crystals and stones come from the earth please do not expect them to be perfect, and because you are not choosing directly from our mothership store in Westfield Miranda, Sydney, you don’t get a chance to be pickey and choosey. But don’t worry, we have you sorted. Our intuitive Embrace girls will tune into your energy to find you the exact stone you need. So in other words, you will not receive the exact crystal in the picture shown here but it will be close. You will receive one single stone. The group photo here is just for illustration purposes only.


As an added bonus we will even cleanse it energetically, give it some moonshine, infuse it with extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion (aka the Embrace Crystal Cleanser)  and we will pack it with loads of extra love.


Disclaimer Party Pooper Alert: As much as we want to  believe in the healing property of crystals we do not claim that they will cure or heal you. You should never use them as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment. You must always listen to the advice of your doctor or medical professional first and foremost and use mother earth’s crystal babies as a complimentary therapy in addition to any medical treatment.


BLUE GOLDSTONE - The stone for ambition & motivation