Yogi Pack

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"When you don't go within you go without"

The perfect gift for the Yogi in your life, or a great collection of accessories to add to your own personal use.  
In this gorgeous Yogi Pack you will receive  and enjoy

  • A Yogic Path Oracle Card Deck
  • Abalone Shell
  • Amethyst Cluster 
  • Small Sage 

As an added bonus your pack will be personally blessed with a whole lot of reiki love, our Embrace goddesses will also cleanse it energetically, give it some moonshine, infuse it with a touch of extra love and give it a special spray of our magic potion (aka the Embrace Crystal Cleanser) to make sure it is in tip-top energetic shape before it gets into your hands    

 Check all the exciting goodies out in more detail here.... 

Yogic Path Oracle Deck

Embark on a path of awakening and self-discovery with this mystical deck from Sahara Rose and illustrator Danielle Noel.

Steeped in the wisdom of the Vedas, this ancient yet visionary deck is a tool to access your yogic intuition. Each card represents aspects of the self, symbolized by sacred figures and concepts that are integral to yoga and Ayurveda. Illuminated by ethereal artwork, the cards provide insight into the present and guidance for the future, connecting you to your inner wisdom and unlocking a deeper understanding of self.

With this beautifully designed deck, author Sahara Rose and illustrator Danielle Noel have created a unique approach to exploring and channeling the energies that flow through each of us. The accompanying full-color guide provides complete descriptions of each card as well as suggestions for working with the deck. Whether you choose to meditate on a single card or select several cards for a reading, you will uncover sacred meanings and receive cosmic intuition from the universe.

A Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Guide includes:

  • Foil-embellished keepsake box with magnetic closure and lifting ribbon
  • 54 full-color cards in a lift-top box
  • 128-page full-color guidebook

Abalone Shell

To use in your smudging rituals

White Sage bundle - to help remove any unwanted negative or stuck energy you want to clear from your life

 Amethyst Crystal

Brings in the energy of peace, harmony, protection in a stress-free environment. 



Yogi Pack

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